Guardian Digital WebTool

Guardian Digital WebTool: Security and Ease-of-Use by Design

Guardian Digital WebTool is not just another generic Web-based server administration tool. It is carefully engineered to configure and maintain the secure services provided by EnGarde Secure Linux and to guide even the most inexperienced system administrator in performing common system tasks--from simply adding a user all the way up to setting up and configuring a secure Web site.

Guardian Digital WebTool is specifically designed to manage and maintain the precise security framework integrated into every level of Guardian Digital applications, ensuring the system remains consistently protected from ongoing threats. Using industry-standard encryption and authentication mechanisms, system information always remains protected and any anomaly is immediately reported to the administrator.

Abstracting the difficult process normally associated with system configuration, Guardian Digital WebTool centralizes system and administrative duties into one common interface, allowing simplified management of users, services, monitoring and maintenance functions all in one place, easing system configuration and day-to-day administrative duties. This scalable administration system allows new and customized features to be added with a simple click of a mouse.

"Configuring the EnGarde Firewall through the GD Webtool is a snap... [it] is innovative and well-designed and lets you get productive quickly."

Irfan Habib Contributor

How the Guardian Digital WebTool helps you maintain secure Internet services

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Even an inherently insecure service like ftp is easier to set up and configure securely using the Guardian Digital WebTool. By default (see screenshot) The WebTool disables local user logins and uploads and all anonymous services. It also prohibits users from creating world readable file permissions. You can then make ftp services available on a restricted basis with just a few clicks. For example, the WebTool makes it easy to protect your server by creating restricted-access "Chroot jails" for ftp users with a single click.

"...The WebTool allows me to implement and make use of the extensive functions... without spending exorbitant amounts of time to do so."

Dr. Paul Brisson
Spinal Surgeon
Co-Owner NY Spine Care

API Documentation

Guardian Digital, Inc. is pleased to announce a comprehensive revision of the WebTool's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Guardian Digital welcomes contributions to its work on the WebTool. Click here for the API Guide and other documentation.

"The Web interface is nice -- it is well thought out, and easy to use."

Jeff Field
NewsForge Editor