Welcome to SELinux General Sites and Other Sources!
There is a variety of information on SELinux all over the web. Blogs, forums and sites abound! From the SELinux blogs straight from Josh Brindle at Tresys, to forums on Fedora SELinux on Nabble.com, there are numerous resources and general sites where you can learn about SELinux. Covering everything to policies, new kernel additions, installing new applications with SELinux functionality (such as the new Symphony or staples such as Clam AV) and much, much more.

So if you are looking for the tools and sites that don't fit into another category, start here for miscellaneous sites that you can use to get the most our of your platform.

SELinux Sites and Other Sources

Sites and Forums
  • SourceForge SELinux Homepage   -   The main project page for SELinux, through SourceForge. Learn the status of projects and other information here.

  • Fedora SELinux Forum @ Nabble.com   -   Located on the same site as the previous, this provides a more focused discussion centered in on Fedora.

  • SELinux Symposium 2007   -   Every year, the best and brightest in SELinux meet to discuss where SELinux is at and where it's going.

  • Del.icio.us SELinux   -   This is the compilation of all those useful SELinux sites that have been tracked by Del.icio.us Users.

  • SELinux News at WordPress   -   A restricted news source, only updating for brand new, SELinux news.

  • Tresys SELinux Projects Page   -   Since the beginning, Tresys has been one of the primary backers of SELinux on business networks. This is a list of their major projects.

SELinux Related Blogs
  • SELinux Blog at LiveJournal   -   Dan Walsh has been involved in SELinux for a very long time, and discusses his focus on Fedora, SELinux and other issues here at his Live Journal.