Welcome to SELinux Faqs Sources!
What is SELinux? What is a module? How do I add a user?

If these are the types of questions you are asking than this is the place to get started. Although they all answer many of the same questions aren't exactly the same. So, if this is your first stop, make sure to learn about why the NSA decided to make SELinux in the Official FAQ, and why you need to learn about KDE versus Gnome in the Fedora FAQ.

SELinux FAQs
  • The Official SELinux FAQ
    Compiled by Kerry Thompson, CISSP, this Unofficial resource is a great, quick overview on the main general questions. If you are looking for the comprehensive history, this is not for you, but if you are interested in a concise, relevant introduction to the basics of SELinux this is one of the best.

  • The Unofficial SELinux FAQ
    The NSA's FAQ on SELinux. In addition to learning about some of the basics, this will provide a background on the project. How and when did it get its start? Why did the NSA choose Linux for the system of MAC? Here you will not only learn about the "what" of SELinux, but the "who" as well.

  • FAQ for Fedora SELinux
    The Fedora FAQ's for Core 2,3 and 5, this provides a comprehensive look at every aspect of SELinux in Fedora. What is a targeted policy? Managed policy? MCS/MLS translations? Are you having RPM errors? What about all the questions you don't even know to ask yet? A very detailed resource for those looking to learn.