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The number of distributions that utilize SELinux has significantly increased since its inception in 2000. And as it continues to grow and evolve, we will continue to track any and all Documentation that pertains to its development and use. As new distributions continue to turn SELinux for its robust capability to lock-down a system, you can be sure to find them at this Documentation resource.

Maintain the highest level of functionality and security by using the documentation found here to keep your system SELinux protected.

SELinux Documentation

Top General Resources
  • NSA SELinux
    Here is the main portal for the National Security Agency, the organization that first developed SELinux. Creating the system of control nearly eight years ago, this is one of the main resources you can find, straight from the source.

  • SELinux at Wikipedia.org
    The SELinux entry at Wikipedia is packed with useful overviews and descriptions of SELinux. From the distributions that use it, to other facts and points, this encompasses many issues from a variety of sources.

  • SourceForge: SELinux
    The continued development of SELinux hinges on its dedicated community of project leads. Led by Stephen Smalley, along with developers including Dan Walsh and Russell Coker, this project has a total of thirteen registered developers. With information on Mailing Lists, Bug Tracking, SVN statistics and more, this is a great resource.

Distribution-based Documentation