Welcome to the EnGarde Secure Linux resource for all things SELinux!
The developers behind EnGarde Secure Linux are proud to introduce this resource for those wishing to learn more about SELinux. Modules, policies, guides, articles, RSS feeds, and more are all here to benefit everyone from beginners to policy hackers.

Since 2005, EnGarde Secure Linux has included a robust SELinux policy engine to improve the security of the platform, and we felt compiling resources on SELinux was a great way to continue our commitment to providing these tools. Whether you are here to learn about SELinux or whether you want to start writing your own policies, there is something for everyone.

If there are resources that we have missed, or ones you would like to suggest, please suggest them in our forum and we will make sure to include it.

Are you looking for a HOWTO on parsing out a new policy? Or are you looking to read an article about SELinux and the LSM? Look no further! Below you will find the major categories for every major resource available to anyone looking to learn more about SELinux.

  • HOWTO's
    The collection of some of the most helpful HOWTOs and guides you will find anywhere online. Includes some introductory guides, as well as advanced level policy development for a variety of ways to get involved with SELinux on your system. Whether it's rewriting a new policy or boolean, how to implement modules, or how to classify and use daemons, this is the place to get step-by-step advice on a particular task.

  • Documentation
    A staple of getting involved in the security of your Linux platform. Abundant resources from the NSA, Fedora, EnGarde, Gentoo, Ubuntu pages and much more, this is the place regarding your distribution and its unique issues. Whether it's an information overview on enforcing your distro's policies, an SELinux entry on permissive mode, or information on specific root problems, this is one of the best places to learn what you need to know.

  • Sites
    There are many sites all over the web that involve SELinux; blogs, projects sites, news sites and more acting as portals for one or all aspects of Boolean, policy and module development. This is the section for useful and miscellaneous pages.

  • SELinux and Security Related Mailing Lists
    A compilation of mailing lists covering many aspects of SELinux, security and development. Includes lists on EnGarde, Security Announcements, Tools, General Security and overall Linux Development. Covering ClamAV to Fedora and bug tracking, there are over 35 being tracked.

  • FAQ's
    The staple of any introduction to a new system, you will have many, many questions, most of which have probably been asked and answered. What is permissive mode? Enabled? What is LSM? How do I log in as root? All these questions and more are dealt with right here. The best place to start if you are new to SELinux.

  • SELinux Overview for EnGarde
    As you download your newest version of EnGarde Secure Linux this is one of your first stops. An index of the major terms, policies and structures involved, it will help you get the most out of your SELinux-enhanced EnGarde system.

  • Articles
    SELinux is a topic covered in the media more than you may realize. Here is a comprehensive list from Linuxsecurity.com, the central voice of Linux and Security, for every article regarding SELinux. A great overview of previous stories ranging from Kernel and LSM issues to and tricks and tips.

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