Robust Secure Architecture, SELinux Policies and Hardware Support

Now regarded as the most effective way to lock-down a server, SELinux provides an array of robust Mandatory Access Controls over every task in the Linux architecture. It does this by providing a policy of permissions for the processes the system uses; if a process has not been explicitly granted access to do a particular task, it will not be able to do it, period.

This allows for significantly fine-grained control over system resources for the maximum level of security. In short, when SELinux is enforced, you can be rest assured that the system will be able to handle any threat or attack with ease. And with the most up-to-date Linux kernel, you can be sure to have the latest stable hardware support.

Intuitive, Hassle-free Management:

No longer can administrators say that SELinux is too complex to use and enforce. With EnGarde Linux, the security needed to ensure email, web, and database functionality can be provided and configured without any security training or expertise.

  • Establish robust policies for complete control over system accessibility
  • Revolutionary console provides a simple GUI-based interface for defining and configuring
  • Hassle-free management for updating and maintaining evolving policies and permissions

(All screenshots are taken from within a web browser).

The best way to track and configure SELinux policies.

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