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ubuntu-hardened: Re: [ubuntu-hardened] NX bit and generic-pae ke

Re: [ubuntu-hardened] NX bit and generic-pae kernel.

From: Daniel Curtis <sidetripping_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Mar 29 2013 - 07:55:57 GMT
To: Ubuntu security discussion <ubuntu-hardened@lists.ubuntu.com>

Hi Mr *McCarthy*

> First of all explore your BIOS settings to see if there is an
> option to enable NX.

Thanks for the explanation. I will explore BIOS, but it
does not seem to me, that such an option exists, because
I had never seen similar option, but we will see...

> PAE code enables 32 bit computers to use more that 4GB
> memory.

Yes, I know that, but log files tells me something interesting;
NX (Execute Disable) protection cannot be enabled in hardware,
because of the non-PAE kernel.

Hi Mr *Arnold*,

That's right - Ubuntu have ignored the BIOS flag for some time...
Yes, my computer support 'nx';

[~] cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep nx
flags: (...) nx (...)

So, I will try to find this BIOS option and install generic-pae kernel.

Thanks, cheers.

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