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spamassassin-users: Re: Spamassassin Moves Mailbox

Re: Spamassassin Moves Mailbox

From: RW <rwmaillists_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Dec 21 2011 - 14:11:54 GMT

On Wed, 21 Dec 2011 07:34:36 -0500
Kevin A. McGrail wrote:

> Actually, procmail is Sendmail's Local Delivery Agent. It *is* the
> part of Sendmail that delivers the mail to specific folders.

I don't know whether that was historically true, but procmail is a
separate project, and one that has been unmaintained for a decade.

Matthias Andree, a fetchmail maintainer, tried to have it deprecated and
removed from the FreeBSD ports tree:

On Tue, 30 Aug 2011 13:06:52 +0200
Matthias Andree wrote:

> I was just about to grab the port, deprecate and set two months
> expiration date.
> Now that you're maintaining it I seek you to please let this
> unmaintained unclean code from our FreeBSD ports world and deprecate
> it.
> The code is unmaintainable, hasn't seen maintenance in a decade,
> is hard to use properly because of its fall-through "error handling"
> (actually nonhandling) behaviour, and should finally disappear.

On Tue, 30 Aug 2011 14:07:38 +0200
Matthias Andree wrote:

> On the other hand, a 700+ line long .procmailrc "in a critical
> application" is usually a mistake in itself already and always was,
> unless you're one of the few who has a recipe like
> :0e
> {
> }
> after each and every single recipe that can fail in some way (most
> importantly, delivering recipes).
> Few people know it's necessary, as it's not explicitly documented, but
> just working around documented fall-through behaviour -- and as a side
> effect it voids the "else"-style recipes.
> Beyond that, there are pending bug fixes that never made it into a
> release, check the 3.23pre announcement at
> <>
> Bottom line: the sooner we get rid from procmail the better