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spamassassin-users: Spamassassin Moves Mailbox

Spamassassin Moves Mailbox

From: Robert A. Ober <robob_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Dec 21 2011 - 02:26:38 GMT

Hello Folks,

Every time I start Spamassassin it moves my mailbox to /var/spool/mail
when the correct location is /home/spool/mail . I also get some
BOGUS./mymailboxname/.xxx . Where xxx is various combinations of
something like FyXB .

I am running SpamAssassin version 3.3.2 running on Perl version 5.10.1
. This in turn is running on Mandriva 2010.2 with Postfix 2.7.0 . Also
running dovecot 1.2.15 .

I get a LOT of spam so I really need to get Spamassassin to work. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.