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spamassassin-users: Re: Problems with Cyrillic spam

Re: Problems with Cyrillic spam

From: <darxus_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Dec 15 2011 - 15:57:02 GMT

On 12/15, Martin Gregorie wrote:
> The problem that needs addressing is that the ok_locales configuration
> parameter doesn't work. This appears to be because it thinks the
> sender's choice of (in Windows terms) the character translation code
> page is a reliable indication of the sender's locale. I accept that this

I'd argue that ok_locales is defined by the way it functions, which was
dependent on the fact that at one time it was useful to differentiate
languages by character set. And TextCat's functionality is basically
exactly what you're looking for. So it would make less sense to redefine
ok_locales, and more sense to fix TextCat.

> That said, I'm happy to become a bugzilla user, but before I add
> anything to it, I'd like to know if you'd prefer me to add comments to
> 4078 and/or 6364 or if it would be best raise a new bug containing my
> suggestion #1. I've kept an example message that I can provide as
> evidence.

I don't think your comment will help either way. Cyrillic character sets
aren't hard to find, and all the devs are aware of the problem.

If, on the other hand, you want to fix TextCat, or otherwise implement a
solution to the problem, and attach a patch to a bugzilla comment, that
would be awesome.

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