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spamassassin-users: Re: A SpamAssassin Crash Course for Admins

Re: A SpamAssassin Crash Course for Admins

From: Axb <axb.lists_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Dec 06 2011 - 15:50:29 GMT

On 2011-12-06 16:39, Bowie Bailey wrote:
> On 12/6/2011 12:59 AM, Dorian Chan wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I've attached a newer version with Windows info. Thanks Daniel,
>> Patrick, and Ted.
> A few comments:
> 1) There are multiple types of blacklists and whitelists. IP
> blacklists, URL blacklists, and address blacklists. IP and URL
> blacklists (and whitelists) are usually public and checked via DNS
> queries. Address blacklists (and whitelists) are usually stored on the
> local machine or shared in a local network rather than being public.

URL blacklists should be named *domain blacklists" as they list domains
and users may chose to use them for URI and/or Sender /rDNS, etc checks.