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spamassassin-users: Re: New plugin: DecodeShortURLs

Re: New plugin: DecodeShortURLs

From: Steve Freegard <steve_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Jan 01 2011 - 17:06:38 GMT
To: "Warren Togami Jr." <>

  On 01/01/11 12:02, Warren Togami Jr. wrote:
> BTW, this page mentions SpamCopURI and urirhdbl as existing tools that
> handle redirection to some degree. Have you confirmed that you are
> not needlessly reinventing the wheel? It is entirely possible that
> your design with suggestions here could be better than the existing
> tools, but it might be worthwhile to look at the existing tools to see
> if they have useful ideas to borrow.

You've got this way confused as to how it works or what it does; from

        redirector_pattern /pattern/modifiers
            A regex pattern that matches both the redirector site
portion, and the target site portion of a URI.

            Note: The target URI portion must be surrounded in
parentheses and
                  no other part of the pattern may create a backreference.


It's designed to get URIs from CGI redirectors and add them to the
lookup lists for the URIBL plugin. It's *nothing* like what I'm doing
with the shorteners.