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spamassassin-dev: RuleQA is currently showing two days with mass

RuleQA is currently showing two days with masscheck data from the same day

From: <darxus_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Dec 30 2011 - 15:59:21 GMT

  1225474: 2011-12-29 06:57:22
  khopesh: auto-generated rules
  axb-brasil axb-generic axb-ham axb-ned-phish axb-ned-spam [+]
  1225774: 2011-12-30 03:08:13
  spamassassin_role: updated scores for revision 1225474 active rules added since last mass-check
  bb-guenther_fraud bb-jhardin bb-jhardin_fraud bb-jm danmcdonald grenier jarif llanga wt-ackbar wt-en2-flh wt-hamtrap wt-homeone [+]

Output for 2011-12-29 and 2011-12-30 both have data stamped "20111230-".
And in the default "DateRev to display" of "20111229-r1225474-n", the
second part of that value matches the one from 2011-12-29, but the first
part doesn't match.

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