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spamassassin-dev: Re: [Bug 6704] [review] Add /debian/ to MANIFE

Re: [Bug 6704] [review] Add /debian/ to MANIFEST

From: <darxus_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Nov 22 2011 - 20:12:52 GMT

On 11/22, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
> What about moving /debian to contrib so there is no misunderstanding
> it's not an officially maintained part of SA?

I object, as Dan McDonald did last time you asked. Debian package building
only works with the directory where it currently is.

Why not call it an officially maintained part of SA until someone reports a
problem with it that doesn't get fixed in a timely fashion, and then
delete it?

I obviously really don't understand that concern.

(I'm not sure why this response didn't happen in bugzilla; for my part,
feel free to take it back there.)

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