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spamassassin-dev: [Bug 6728] DNSBLs need a way to turn off queri

[Bug 6728] DNSBLs need a way to turn off queries based on BLOCKED rules triggering

From: <bugzilla-daemon_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Dec 15 2011 - 15:57:09 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Kevin A. McGrail <> 2011-12-15 15:57:09 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> I'm -1 on this idea unless you can figure out how to make it a plugin that is
> disabled by default. You're solving a problem for a VERY SMALL percentage of
> users and most likely introducing a performance penalty for everyone.
> Persue the "BLOCKED" rule set idea and don't try to get fancy. FPs and FNs
> will get examined and if you make the "BLOCKED" rule descriptions scary enough
> they will take action.

I intended to have it on by default but have it be either a plugin or
configuration option to disable the behavior. Is that acceptable to bypass
your -1?

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