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spamassassin-dev: [Bug 6698] New improves performance, is

[Bug 6698] New improves performance, is more resilient.

From: <bugzilla-daemon_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Nov 14 2011 - 19:27:44 GMT

--- Comment #10 from Mark Martinec <> 2011-11-14 19:27:44 UTC ---
> There is a minor issue with the committed change. Line 523 is now
> $pgmpath = '/var/dcc/' . $pgm;
> I think it should be the value that can see in
> $pgmpath = '/usr/local/dcc/' . $pgm;
> Or the /var/dcc/ line could be kept and these 2 lines added
> $pgmpath = '/usr/local/dcc/' . $pgm;
> return $pgmpath if -x $pgmpath;
> The intent in using /usr/local/dcc was to look in a common
> choice for the DCC `./configure --bindir=DIR` value.
> The default value is /usr/local/bin

I left in both, added some debugging, and streamlined a bit.
Please see what came out (svn diff -c1201835) :

  Bug 6698#9: New improves performance, is more resilient'
  Sending lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/
Committed revision 1201835.

> A separate issue is what should be done with the copy of
> that has been in versions of DCC for the last 18 months.
> It's always asking for trouble to have 2 copies of a value,

Agree. As the plugin is only usable with SpamAssassin,
and has been distributed with it since I remember, I see no point
of having another copy of this plugin distributed with dcc.

> not to mention code. I could remove the copy in the DCC source
> after the SpamAssassin version is released. When might that be?

Soon ;)

> I expect to make a DCC release in the next few months.
> Deleting the copy of in the DCC source would inconvenience
> installations that are looking in the DCC tarball for
> Some of them are using the fact that the DCC version of
> is actually generated by the DCC ./configure script. See
> Do you have any suggestions?

I think it is mostly up to you to decide. I'd ditch the .

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