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spamassassin-dev: [Bug 6668] DNSWL is lacking a rule to communic

[Bug 6668] DNSWL is lacking a rule to communicate excessive use to users

From: <bugzilla-daemon_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Dec 12 2011 - 21:12:31 GMT

--- Comment #30 from Kevin A. McGrail <> 2011-12-12 21:12:31 UTC ---
> It should be noted that the policy contested in this bug does not cause FPs. It
> does cause FNs for a small number of users (where other attempts to rectify an
> unaccepted situation failed). On the other hand, removing the rules will lead
> to a higher risk of FPs for 99.something % of users.

To clarify, the DNSWL policy of returning positive answers to gain the
attention of administrators with SA installations sending DNS queries to DNSWL
through over-quota IPs causes misfiring on the DNSWL Rules. It's a FP on the
Rule regardless of the negative or positive score the rule applies.

The scoring effect (FP/FN or even a neutral) on the status of the email is
another discussion.

However, I agree, that a FP on a negative scoring rule is likely to cause a FN
on an email that is spam.

Blackhole the requests instead or add more public NS to protect the

And in case you missed it, two well-experienced RBL infrastructures (including
myself) have offered to help with more public nameservers.


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