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spamassassin-dev: Re: Regarding Scoring of Mailspike

Re: Regarding Scoring of Mailspike

From: Kevin A. McGrail <KMcGrail_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Dec 12 2011 - 19:56:47 GMT
To: "Warren Togami Jr." <>

On 12/12/2011 2:14 PM, Warren Togami Jr. wrote:
> Hey folks, any comments on this? Here I bring up some very serious
> issues regarding the automatic scoring methodology of Mailspike and
> why we shouldn't add more whitelists.
I read it and it in general I disagreed with the whitelist part of your
statement. Of course, one of my niches in anti-spam is focusing on
pro-ham stuff. Too many spam fighters focus on the spam and not the ham

But I also don't see that masscheck shouldn't test whitelists because
there is no shortcircuiting and the goal is to take all the scores,
positive or negative, and create a rule scoreset that gets a score of
5.0 to within accepted FP limits.

And I like the debate on high-level issues but I'd like to get specifics
for that ticket as well. High-level for me is good for dev list and
low-level specifics are good for bugzilla.

Right now, the scores would be set in so they would not
float and we have consensus for 3.4.0. We have a veto for everything
below 3.4.

So I'm committing rules to trunk and believe we can take things from
there. If you have live score recommendations to consider, I'd love to
hear them but my scores are based on personal tests and Joao's feedback.