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snort-users: [Snort-users] Rule Update Issue

[Snort-users] Rule Update Issue

From: sachin kokcha <sachin.kokcha_at_nospam>
Date: Tue May 12 2009 - 13:20:43 GMT

Dear Snort Gurus',

The problem we are facing is like we till date not getting automatic updates of the rules on our Snort IDS Box. Most of the time we perform update task manually only.

Our Configuration :
OS : *Windows Server 2003*
Snort Version : *2_8_3_1_Installer*
IDS Policy Manager Version :* 2.2*

Policy Manager Setting Misc' Settings:
Oink Code :*451f07091a2ca19772f322800ca1351fcef7e12a* Check for updates :*Weekly*
Backup Database :*Weekly*
Policy Cache Timeout :*24 Hours *
Remove Old Rule : *Check box checked*
Proxy setting also properly configured in IDS Policy Manager.

Can somebody help us on this issue.

Thanks in advance
Sachin Kokcha
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