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snort-users: [Snort-users] alert suppression

[Snort-users] alert suppression

From: Jefferson, Shawn <Shawn.Jefferson_at_nospam>
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 22:25:38 GMT
To: "" <>


I want to suppress some alerts I've been getting, specifically the tag: tagged packet. I've tried putting "suppress gen_id 2, sig_id 1" in the threshold.conf file, but this doesn't seem to be working. Is there a better way to suppress this alert? Especially if there is a method that is better performance-wise. I've looked around in the documentation and didn't see anything specific to the tag: tagged packet alert.

Also, the new dcerpc2 preprocesser is pretty noisy in my environment, creating quite a few alerts each day. Can anyone share any tuning advice for this?


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