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snort-sigs: Re: [Snort-sigs] Richard Tyrrell/Telford/Syan Ltd is

Re: [Snort-sigs] Richard Tyrrell/Telford/Syan Ltd is out of theoffice.

From: Randal T. Rioux <randy_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Feb 15 2011 - 01:48:28 GMT

On 2/14/2011 8:13 PM, wrote:
> On 02/14/11 19:02, Randal T. Rioux wrote:
>> Any unauthorized
>>> review, use, disclosure, or distribution is prohibited.
> Randal, you are in breach of this disclaimer, specifically the 'review' section.
> Please cease else I shall disclaim you further.
> Disclaimer: You shall be disclaimed, loudly.

I'm firing my legal team.

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