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snort-sigs: [Snort-sigs] oinkmaster vs pulled port, round two:

[Snort-sigs] oinkmaster vs pulled port, round two:

From: Michael Scheidell <michael.scheidell_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Feb 10 2011 - 15:20:32 GMT
To: <>

I think round one was a draw.
some people want the rules in their original files, some would like them
in easier managed 'single file'

I can see with PP, how being able to disable a RULE in, say
snort_lan.conf vs disabling a whole rule set would have its advantages.
I can see how you might want to manage your main distribution point with

round 2: licensing, copyrights:
our situation:
we pull down VRT rules (licensed), run oinkmaster on them to set up 'our
tweaks' to the rules, then create a tarball (./rules/*.rules)
each individual snort sensor BOX runs a local copy of oinkmaster, to
pull down our tarball and add local oinkmaster.conf tweaks to it.

I assume that even if I go with PP on the individual sensors (which
seems to give me more flexibility, see round 1), that I still would need
oinkmaster for the first step.

Also, how would PP preserve the copyright and license agreements that
are in each rule file?
I believe that, even though we are licensed to redistribute VRT rules
(and pay for each sensor...), we are required to leave the license and
copyright notices there.

this would apply to VRT rules, GPL(2,3,) lesser, apache, anything, right?

this still makes PP vs oinkmaster, round two a draw. PP can't preserve
the copyright/license, oinkmaster can. so, on main distribution point,
we still would need oinkmaster.

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