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snort-sigs: [Snort-users] Blog: Google Groups are aliv

[Snort-users] Blog: Google Groups are alive!

From: Joel Esler <jesler_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Feb 09 2011 - 19:58:23 GMT
To:, Snort-Users Users <>,

Google Groups are alive!

Late last year I put out a poll that discussed the merging of the Mailing lists and Forums and it seemed that most of the people that answered the poll thought that Google Groups was the way to go (82% of you!).

So we've stood up three Google Groups that mimic our Snort Mailing lists. These groups are unmoderated, open to the community for posting, and have the same criteria as our mailing lists.


 Right now the Google Groups and the Mailing lists are not merged and do not cross post (they used to, but after testing a bit, it didn't really integrate correctly, so the link was broken this morning).

If you join the Google Groups and you select "email" as your delivery method, you will receive an email for every post (just like the Mailing list), even the subject tags will be the same. i.e. [Snort-Users], [Snort-Sigs], and [Snort-Devel]

As of March 1, 2011, the forums at will be locked and will be read only. The content will still be preserved, however, after that date, no more posting will be allowed. A persistent banner has been put on to remind people of this fact.

At this time we are not merging the Mailing Lists and Google Groups. We'll let it balance out for awhile, see how the new Google Groups go, and we'll revisit the merging of the Mailing Lists again after awhile. So, if you are a member of the Snort Mailing Lists, and would like to sign up for the Google Groups, feel free, as they are still separate entities.

The Groups will be handled the same as the mailing lists. Spammers will be banned, and their posts deleted, etc.

To sign up for the new Google Groups, you may visit this page:

Where I have placed sign-up boxes for all three of the groups.

I'd like to hear feedback on the groups. That way I can improve what I can. Thanks all, and thanks to our IT and web teams for helping out on the testing for the Google Groups and various other uncountable things they've been able to help me with during this transition.
-- Joel Esler &&

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