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snort-devel: [Snort-devel] snort 3 error in config

[Snort-devel] snort 3 error in config

From: mehdi gholami <mehdy_gholami_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Jul 05 2008 - 04:19:27 GMT

Hi all,
I hav run and installed snort many times til now, but I can not config snortSP 3 since it has released. Also please note I intsall all requeirments in my CentOS 5, my error rsume is below: snortsp-3.0.0.b]# ./configure ............ ............
checking for pcap_datalink in -lpcap... yes checking for luaL_newstate in -llua... yes checking for capable lex... insufficient configure: error: Your operating system's lex is insufficient to compile
libsbpf. flex is a lex replacement that has many advantages,
including being able to compile libsbpf. For more
information, see .

Please note I have installed flex manually or by yum tool, but it does not work? I remmember that I had this error before when I wanted to installed snort-inline, that time I installed flex by yum tool and continue my job. ?

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