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selinux: We need libselinux to lie...

We need libselinux to lie...

From: Daniel J Walsh <dwalsh_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Jun 22 2010 - 17:06:40 GMT
To: SELinux <>

When building packages within mock/livecd.

We really want the processes running within the chroot to not do SELinux

We want libselinux to tell them that SELinux is disabled.

For example if we install selinux-policy package within a mock chroot or
livecd we do not want it to try to load_policy. Other rpms try chcon or
restorecon in post installs. These are get turned off if the tools
think SELinux is disabled. We are not doing this for security reasons.

We have been hacking this out, but replaceing $CHROOT/proc/filesystem
with a version that does not include filesystem, but we have found this
to require large privs for mock. (mount -o bind /tmp/filesystem
$CHROOT/proc/filesystem; requires mock_t to read /dev/loop which is
labeled fixed_disk_device_t)

We have considered playing tricks with but those seem a
little dangerous.

Eric has come up with an idea of adding a field to
$CHROOT/etc/selinux/config to tell is_selinux_enabled() to return false.


Then mock could just set this flag in the config file and all apps would
think SELinux is disabled.

Does this seem reasonable?

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