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samba-users: Re: [Samba] fixed delay logging onto Samba3.3 from

Re: [Samba] fixed delay logging onto Samba3.3 from Vista Business

From: David Mathog <mathog_at_nospam>
Date: Thu May 27 2010 - 20:39:30 GMT
To: "" <>

> However, the 15 second gap is still present, as are the
> corresponding ICMP pings from the client to the server. Have to modify
> the server's firewall rules to allow icmp ping from the client unless
> somebody knows where the registry key is that controls those pings.

Found it!
Domain login in 8 seconds!!!
One must enable "Do not detect slow network connections". The method it
uses to do that is to PING the server. Not poke at one of the server
ports which should be open on the firewall, mind you, but do a regular
ICMP ping, which is of course blocked on 99.99% of all linux servers.

The W7 client is currently set as follows;

1. hosts entry for the samba server (probably not important)
2. Do net detect slow network connections. (Eliminates the 15s gap).
3. Set max wait time for the network if the user has ... (Eliminates
the 30s gap)
4. Do not check for user ownership of roaming profiles (possibly not

Thanks to everybody who helped with this!

David Mathog
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech
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