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samba-users: Re: [Samba] New PDC

Re: [Samba] New PDC

From: Christopher Springer <cspringer_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Aug 31 2010 - 12:51:12 GMT

  The basic concept here is making sure that the SID and RID's are the
same on the new Samba PDC as on the old PDC. After you migrate that
information using "net setlocalsid" and "net setdomainsid" it is
possible to go into the passdb backend (in our case LDAP) and manually
modify the users to match their old NT id (I believe they call the last
4 digits the RID). You can find the users' ID's in the Windows registry
in the key for their respective profile. This will allow you to join
the new domain without any of the profiles being re-created.

I know this works because I've just done the same thing. However, I
could not get "net rpc vampire" to work on our old domain controllers.


On 08/31/2010 04:47 AM, Daniel Müller wrote:
> Look at,
> Export users, aliases and groups from remote server to local server. You
> need to run this against the PDC, from a Samba machine joined as a BDC.
> and net getlocalsid
> and net setlocalsid
> On Mon, 30 Aug 2010 15:11:02 -0700, "Gregory A. Cain"
> <> wrote:
>> Hi -
>> I'm setting up a new Samba PDC here in a 30-person architectural office.
>> The current PDC is running on an older computer and hasn't been
>> updated in a while.
>> The new PDC will be Samba 3.4.0 running on Ubuntu 9.10. We don't use
>> roaming profiles.
>> My question is this - is there a way to "seamlessly" migrate the
>> desktops to the new PDC from the old one without having to move or copy
>> all their profile data? In other words, to have the desktops "see" the
>> new PDC as the old PDC?
>> Any information anyone can provide (the more detail the better - I don't
>> do this stuff every day) - would be very, very much appreciated.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Greg

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