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samba-users: [Samba] Windows 7 on startup always loads temporary

[Samba] Windows 7 on startup always loads temporary profiles samba 3.4.8

From: Daniel Müller <mueller_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Aug 25 2010 - 13:27:59 GMT
To: <>

Dear all,

I think this is discussed  here several times but this problem driving me
I can join the win7 pc to the samba domain on the fly, but after logoff and
then logon it always complain about
The temporary profile thing (on Win xp it is working!!!!!):
In my global section:
logon script=login.bat
logon path=\\%L\homes\%U\profile


   comment = Benutzer Profil %U
   path = /home/samba/share/home/%U/profile
   guest ok = no
   browseable = no
   create mask = 0600
   directory mask = 0700
      profile acls = yes
   hide files=/Desktop.ini/Thumbs.db/lost+found
   force user = %U
   valid users = %U "Domain Admins"
   csc policy = disable
   read only = no

Any ideas??

EDV Daniel Müller

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Tropenklinik Paul-Lechler-Krankenhaus
Paul-Lechler-Str. 24
72076 Tübingen
Tel.: 07071/206-463, Fax: 07071/206-499

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