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samba-users: [Samba] Authentication of local users (smbpasswd) f

[Samba] Authentication of local users (smbpasswd) fails with security = domain

From: Matthias Kellermann <matthias.kellermann_at_nospam>
Date: Tue May 11 2010 - 09:49:35 GMT

Hi list,

I have set up a samba installation (SLES 11, Samba 3.2.7) and joined a
domain. I've created local users (/etc/passwd) and can authenticate
with this users against the domain controller.

Now I want to add a local user (with smbpasswd) and authenticate with
this user which does not exist in the domain. When I'm trying to log
in with the user the log says:

domain_client_validate: unable to validate password for user localuser
in domain MY-DOMAIN to Domain controller MY-DC. Error was
check_ntlm_password: Authentication for user [localuser] ->
[localuser] FAILED with error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER

testparm says my server role is ROLE_DOMAIN_MEMBER.

Any idea how I can use local users and domain users at the same time?

Best regards
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