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samba-users: Re: [Samba] ACL inheritance issue on homes director

Re: [Samba] ACL inheritance issue on homes directory

From: Andrew Masterson <Andrew.Masterson_at_nospam>
Date: Mon May 10 2010 - 17:51:45 GMT
To: "Jeremy Allison" <>

> > I have recently commissioned a box running RHEL5.4 and samba sernet
> > 3.5.2 that is AD integrated.
> >
> > The other shares on the box seem to obey the "inherit acls" and
> > permissions" flags as well as "force create mode" and "force
> > mode", but not on the _homes_ directory.
> >
> > Has anyone experienced similar problems, and where should I start
> > looking to troubleshoot this problem?

> Are the homes directories mounted via NFS, or have some other
> difference in their mount options ?

All of the shares are on the same logical volume disk, an etx4 local
/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol01 on /data type ext4 (rw,user_xattr,acl)

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