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samba-users: [Samba] domain not showing up with smbcacls

[Samba] domain not showing up with smbcacls

From: Darin Broady <dbroady1_at_nospam>
Date: Mon May 10 2010 - 17:05:17 GMT

I have installed Samba 3.5.2 and setup the service as a Domain member
server, NT-4 style. Everything appears to be working just fine (NSS winbind
is installed). The only problem is that the output from smbcacls when
contacting this Samba server does not include the domain to which the server
is joined. When I use smbcacls to test out an existing Windows server, the
domain name is appended in the output. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

I've started the Samba services in the following order: nmbd, winbind,

   workgroup = <domain>
   netbios name = <machine>
   security = DOMAIN
   idmap uid = 15000-20000
   idmap gid = 15000-20000
   wins server = <ip>
   winbind use default domain = no
   domain logons = no
   domain master = no
   preferred master = no
   local master = no

   path = <...>
   valid users = <domain>\dbroady
   read only = No
   create mask = 0644
   guest ok = No


smbcacls //<machine>/share / yields the following output:
GROUP:Domain Users
ACL:Domain Users:ALLOWED/0x0/FULL

As you can see, the OWNER & GROUP lines do not contain the <domain> prefix.
On my Windows server hosting a share in the same domain, the OWNER & GROUP
lines are output as:
OWNER: <domain>\dbroady
GROUP: <domain>\Domain Users

Does anyone know how to make smbcacls output the domain attached?

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