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samba-users: Re: [Samba] how to clear winbind cache

Re: [Samba] how to clear winbind cache

From: Andrew Masterson <Andrew.Masterson_at_nospam>
Date: Tue May 04 2010 - 19:43:02 GMT
To: "Liutauras Adomaitis" <>, <>

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[] On Behalf Of Liutauras Adomaitis
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 1:13 PM
Subject: [Samba] how to clear winbind cache

Hello all,

I'd like to know how to clear winbind cache. The problem is that we have
decided to change uid and gid mapping range, but changing smb.conf
accordingly didn't help. We use ldap as backend. After deleting all
entries in ldap nothing changed. If we disable winbindd caching with -n
switch we receive desired effect - users get mapped to new uids and
Restarting winbindd without -n reverts everything back - users are
mapped to
old id's. Stoping winbind, removing winbind_cache.tdb file and starting
winbind doesn't solve the issue.



Whenever I want a clean start I nuke the entire /var/lib/samba directory
and restart samba, and let samba repopulate everything automatically.
This was after many hours of scouring through the .tdb documentation
which is outdated within a couple of months of being published, and just
deciding to be inelegant about it. You may just need to remove all
winbindd* files (like winbindd_idmap.tdb).

Make a backup beforehand of course.

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