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Postfix support

From: Wietse Venema <wietse_at_nospam>
Date: Thu May 08 2014 - 21:56:33 GMT
To: Postfix users <>

Until now, Debian-style support has been a chore for
downstream maintainers because they needed to patch it into every
stable Postfix release. The feature makes it possible
to distribute a minimal version of Postfix, and to provide LDAP,
*SQL* etc, support as plugins.

The first step to adopting this into Postfix is now approaching
completion. Viktor ported the latest Debian-style
support to Postfix 2.12, and I have been working to finish it.

The first result, postfix-2.12-20140508-nonprod, can build with
Postfix shared libraries (libpostfix-*.so.*) which are a prerequisite
for plugins. Platform support is currently
limited to Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS X, because that is what we as
developers use most.

There are minor updates to the Postfix build procedure. To build
Postfix with shared libraries:

% make makefiles shared=yes ..other arguments..

This will build etc. files
that are by default installed in /usr/local/lib. To change that:

% make makefiles shared=yes shlib_directory=/usr/lib ..other arguments..

The above installs the Postfix shared libraries in /usr/lib.

% make makefiles shared=yes SHLIB_VERSION=1 ..other arguments..

This results in files named etc. If do not
update the Postfix shared library version with each install, then
you must stop Postfix before installing a different version.

For an introduction see the RELEASE_NOTES, and for more details see
the INSTALL file.