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postfix-users: Re: recipient dependent maps

Re: recipient dependent maps

From: Noel Jones <njones_at_nospam>
Date: Thu May 01 2014 - 15:42:42 GMT

On 5/1/2014 10:21 AM, Marcus wrote:
> Wietse:
>> AS DOCUMENTED you can query transport_maps with the RECIPIENT ADDRESS.
> I surely can, but the same setting will also query several times "*"
> and sender addresses
> As oposed to query ONLY recipient address ONCE.

If you can't speed up the slow map, maybe you can reduce the impact
of the slow map by using a CDB or HASH map as the first
transport_maps entry to respond to "*".

Or maybe a PCRE map that replies to both "*" and not-local domains,
leaving only the local domains for the slow map.

  -- Noel Jones