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netfilter-devel: RE: br_netfilter post routing hook question...

RE: br_netfilter post routing hook question...

From: Gareth Williams <gwilliams_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Apr 02 2010 - 19:15:56 GMT
To: "Bart De Schuymer" <>

Ahh but I already tried physdev - and it throws warnings that it will
not work on forward or post routing paths when it's not on a bridge

But I was specifying the rule with "-o br0" which is a bridge so the
physdev rule should have been sane?

Even though it threw this warning it did add into iptables but still
didn't work for me.

I might revisit it and see if I can figure out what was wrong.


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Subject: Re: br_netfilter post routing hook question...

Gareth Williams schreef:
> The product is a router and the bridge (br0) is connecting the lan to
wlan. The module only wants to examine packets on the bridge for qos
purposes - to wlan and so I can, at the bridge layer, check for packets
to/from ath0 (the wireless port). At PF_INET I would only see br0 so my
qos scope would be too wide.
The iptables physdev match will probably save your day.


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