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metasploit-framework: Re: [framework] WinExec payload?

Re: [framework] WinExec payload?

From: Jose Selvi <jselvi_at_nospam>
Date: Wed May 18 2011 - 06:00:49 GMT

Are you using a debugger with the service you're exploiting?
Maybe you're not catching the interruption.

El 18/05/11 07:38, Jun Koi escribió:
> hi,
> i am using payload WinExec to test one vulnerable application (the
> exploitation also comes from metasploit)
> before launching the exploit, i put 2 breakpoints on WinExec and
> GetProcAddress function of this application.
> then i run the exploit, and it successes.
> however, the problem is none of my breakpoints were triggered. this is a
> surprise to me, as i supposed that the payload cannot work without using
> these 2 functions. clearly i missed something there!
> could anybody please tell me why this happens?
> thanks a lot,
> Jun

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