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linux-security-module: Missing security_file_permission() check

Missing security_file_permission() check from sys_splice()

From: Lin Tan <lintan2_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Nov 09 2007 - 05:20:49 GMT

Seems that an unauthorized user can send file through sockets due to the following missing check errors.

There is not security_file_permission() check from sys_splice(), which can invoke sock_sendpage(). The call chain is as follows. sys_splice -> do_splice -> do_splice_from -> generic_splice_sendpage (via function pointer out->f_op->splice_write, which is set up in net/ socket.c) -> pipe_to_sendpage -> sock_sendpage ( via file->f_op-
>sendpage, in net/socket.c)

I believe sock_sendpage() needs to be protected by security_file_permission() for two reasons. First, in the following path it is protected.

sys_sendfile -> do_sendfile -> file_send_actor -> sock_sendpage

Second, if it is not protected, then unauthorized user can send file through sockets. Adding the check in do_splice_from() should solve the problem.

Similar problems exit in do_splice_to() and probably in sys_vmspliace () too.


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