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ipsec: [IPsec] Fwd: 10th TAHI IPv6 Interoperability test event

[IPsec] Fwd: 10th TAHI IPv6 Interoperability test event

From: Paul Hoffman <paul.hoffman_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Sep 29 2009 - 15:25:50 GMT
To: IPsecme WG <ipsec@ietf.org>

This should be of interest to people here. At VPNC, we have seen very little uptake of IPv6 (see <http://www.vpnc.org/testing.html#IPv6Interop>), but I hope more IPsec implementers get involved soon.

--Paul Hoffman

>Hi, all.
>TAHI Project would like to announce about holding
>10th TAHI IPv6 Interoperability test event.
> Date: Jan. 25-29, 2010
> Venue: Makuhari Messe, Makuhari, Japan
> Target: Conformance & Interoperability tests
> * IPv6 Ready Logo Program Phase-2 <http://www.ipv6ready.org/>
> o IPv6 Core Protocols
> o IPsec
> o IKEv2
> o MIPv6
> o NEMO Basic Support
> o DHCPv6
> o SIP
> o SNMP (TBD)
> o MLDv2 (router only)
> o IMS (Trial) (UE only)
> * Others
> o KINK
> o DNS
> o MLDv2 (listener only)
>Registration has been started now.
>If you are interested in participating,
>please visit <http://www.tahi.org/inop/10thinterop.html> to get details.
>Best regards,
>Yukiyo Akisada <akisada@tahi.org>

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