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ipsec: [IPsec] Updated draft on defining traffic selector bindin

[IPsec] Updated draft on defining traffic selector bindings for IKEv2

From: Greg Daley <hoskuld_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Oct 25 2009 - 22:04:37 GMT
To: <ipsec@ietf.org>

Dear IPsecME WG,

An updated draft is available which discusses new forms of traffic selectors in IKEv2.

This draft received feedback on the around last IETF meeting, and has been revised accordingly.

notable changes are:

A specific focus on providing guidance on traffic selector format issues, without defining formats.

Improvements to the example traffic selectors

A discussion on challenges in creating decorrelation of traffic selectors for various protocols.

Your feedback is sought on the current utility and accuracy of this document. Please note that the guidance from this document has been used to generate one format for traffic selectors now submitted in a separate document.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Guidelines for Multiprotocol Traffic Selector Bindings in IPsec



In IPsec, secure connectivity is provided for network layer entities. Traffic Selectors which specify interesting traffic for security association encapsulation are identified only by network and transport layer addressing.

This document discusses extending traffic selectors to allow more generic definitions of interesting traffic.


Greg Daley                                                

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