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ipsec: [IPsec] Difference between IPv4 and IPv6 IPsec

[IPsec] Difference between IPv4 and IPv6 IPsec

From: Hui Deng <denghui02_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Oct 11 2009 - 07:50:40 GMT
To: IPsecme WG <ipsec@ietf.org>

Dear IPsec forks,

May I get advice about the differnce between them: 1) IPv4 doesn't mandate the support IPsec, IPv6 also doesn't mandate it based on RFC?
2) Most IPv4 hosts have(Linux, BSD, Windows) by default implemented IPsec(IKE), but don't launch it, need more configuration?

    Most IPv6 hosts haven't by default implemented IPsec(IKE), it need further download and configuration?
3) IPv4 IPsec need traversal NAT, but IPv6 don't need it, so it could support more about end to end other than site to site. 4) IPv6 IPsec support is based on extension header which is different from IPv4, it may more closer to the kernal level implementation.

thanks for the discussion.
best regards,


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