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ipsec: Re: [IPsec] Request for review: The ARIA Cipher Algorithm

Re: [IPsec] Request for review: The ARIA Cipher Algorithm and Its Use with IPsec

From: <Paul_Koning_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Sep 15 2011 - 10:52:32 GMT
To: <whkim5@ensec.re.kr>, <ipsec@ietf.org>

Should this be added to IPSec? It's not clear to me that proliferation of ciphers is helpful. A small set of very well vetted ciphers is better than a larger set that add others without a strong track record.


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Subject: [IPsec] Request for review: The ARIA Cipher Algorithm and Its Use with IPsec

IPsec experts,

Let me make a request for review
on the draft "The ARIA Cipher Algorithm and Its Use with IPsec".

Any comments would be appreciated.


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Date: 2011/9/15
Subject: New Version Notification for draft-nsri-ipsecme-aria-ipsec-00.txt
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A new version of I-D, draft-nsri-ipsecme-aria-ipsec-00.txt has been successfully submitted by Woo-Hwan Kim and posted to the IETF repository.

Filename: draft-nsri-ipsecme-aria-ipsec
Revision: 00
Title: The ARIA Cipher Algorithm and Its Use with IPsec
Creation date: 2011-09-15
WG ID: Individual Submission
Number of pages: 10

  This document describes the use of the ARIA block cipher algorithm in
  conjunction with several different modes of operation within IKE and
  IPsec. It describes the use of ARIA in CBC, CTR, GCM and CCM modes
  to encrypt and/or authenticate IKE and ESP traffic. It also
  describes the use of ARIA in XCBC, CMAC, and GMAC modes to
  authenticate IKE, ESP and AH traffic. The use of ARIA in XCBC and
  CMAC modes for pseudorandom functions is also included.

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