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[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2012-17InfoSec News30 Apr 2012
[ISN] Researcher misinterprets Oracle advisory, discloses unpatched database vulnerabilityInfoSec News30 Apr 2012
[ISN] Police find 15,400 Aussie credit cards on hacker forumsInfoSec News30 Apr 2012
[ISN] Exactly what military data should reside in the cloud?InfoSec News30 Apr 2012
[ISN] Oops! Amazon Web Services Customer Unleashes ˇDenial of Money˘ Attack -- on HimselfInfoSec News30 Apr 2012
[ISN] 90% of popular SSL sites vulnerable to exploits, researchers findInfoSec News27 Apr 2012
[ISN] Moderators note: Hire Me and Thank You!InfoSec News27 Apr 2012
[ISN] Cyber Spin on Check Fraud?InfoSec News27 Apr 2012
[ISN] Iranian Cyberthreat To U.S. A Growing ConcernInfoSec News27 Apr 2012
[ISN] Defense to spy on its own dataInfoSec News27 Apr 2012
[ISN] The Nightly Turbo: Phil Ivey Divorce Case Update, TwoPlusTwo Hacked, and MoreInfoSec News27 Apr 2012
[ISN] Moderators note: Hire Me and more!InfoSec News26 Apr 2012
[ISN] The Man Who Hacked HollywoodInfoSec News26 Apr 2012
[ISN] CFP - SkytalksInfoSec News26 Apr 2012
[ISN] Equipment Maker Caught Installing Backdoor Account in Control System CodeInfoSec News26 Apr 2012
[ISN] InfoSec 2012: One in 10 second-hand hard drives contain personal dataInfoSec News26 Apr 2012
[ISN] There's no 911 for cybercrime. If there were, would you call?InfoSec News26 Apr 2012
[ISN] Moderators note: Hire Me and more!InfoSec News25 Apr 2012
[ISN] Security Teams Need Better Intel, More OffenseInfoSec News25 Apr 2012
[ISN] Anonymous Hacker Claims Credit For VMware ESX Code LeakInfoSec News25 Apr 2012
[ISN] 2 Medicaid Data Breaches, 1 Weak Link: EmployeesInfoSec News25 Apr 2012
[ISN] NIST tests accuracy in iris recognition for identificationInfoSec News25 Apr 2012
[ISN] Hackers now pick tools from script kiddies' toybox -- reportInfoSec News25 Apr 2012
[ISN] Do's And Don'ts Of Compliance Policy DevelopmentInfoSec News24 Apr 2012
[ISN] Sources: New Orleans Saints' Mickey Loomis could eavesdrop on opposing coaches during home gamesInfoSec News24 Apr 2012
[ISN] Anonymous Drives Security Fears, But Not SpendingInfoSec News24 Apr 2012
[ISN] Moderators note: Hire Me and more!InfoSec News24 Apr 2012
[ISN] NY Daily News editor Colin Myler under scrutiny over NoW allegationsInfoSec News24 Apr 2012
[ISN] HITB Magazine Issue 008 (now with print edition!)InfoSec News24 Apr 2012
[ISN] Moderators note: Hire Me and more!InfoSec News23 Apr 2012
[ISN] UW cyber stars defending their titleInfoSec News23 Apr 2012
[ISN] Former hackers protect NSW's critical infrastructureInfoSec News23 Apr 2012
[ISN] Flashback botnet not shrinking, huge numbers of Macs still infectedInfoSec News23 Apr 2012
[ISN] TV-based botnets? DoS attacks on your fridge? More plausible than you thinkInfoSec News23 Apr 2012
[ISN] ATM Attacks Exploit Lax SecurityInfoSec News23 Apr 2012
[ISN] Ruxcon 2012 Call For PapersInfoSec News20 Apr 2012
[ISN] Anonymous Must Evolve Or Break Down, Say ResearchersInfoSec News20 Apr 2012
[ISN] Infected WordPress blogs blamed for Mac Flashback TrojanInfoSec News20 Apr 2012
[ISN] Compliance isn't security, but companies still pretend it is, according to surveyInfoSec News20 Apr 2012
[ISN] Air Force wants unhackable comm, like in 'Mass Effect 3'InfoSec News20 Apr 2012
[ISN] Advance Announcement: 2012 ACM Cloud Computing Security Workshop (CCSW)InfoSec News18 Apr 2012
[ISN] Indonesia aims to fight rising industrial espionageInfoSec News18 Apr 2012
[ISN] Cybercrime loss estimates about as reliable as piracy estimatesInfoSec News18 Apr 2012
[ISN] Homeland Security chief contemplating proactive cyber attacksInfoSec News18 Apr 2012
[ISN] Research lab extends host-based cyber sensor project to open sourceInfoSec News18 Apr 2012
[ISN] Ohio man charged with Anonymous-sponsored attacks on police websitesInfoSec News17 Apr 2012
[ISN] ISACA refreshes best practices for IT shopsInfoSec News17 Apr 2012
[ISN] Law firms see big money in healthcare breach casesInfoSec News17 Apr 2012
[ISN] Dirty IT jobs: Grime and punishmentInfoSec News17 Apr 2012
[ISN] 8 Suspects Arrested in Online Drug Market StingInfoSec News17 Apr 2012
[ISN] GAO Finds Unresolved Issues with Federal Reserve Security ControlsInfoSec News16 Apr 2012
[ISN] More Cyberthreat Info-Sharing Networks Pop UpInfoSec News16 Apr 2012
[ISN] Playing with Dragons: Canada's China Dalliance Lacking ThoughtfulnessInfoSec News16 Apr 2012
[ISN] Iranian specialist hacks accounts to show vulnerability of banks˘ security systemsInfoSec News16 Apr 2012
[ISN] Apple Delays, Hackers PlayInfoSec News16 Apr 2012
[ISN] Cyber czar: Power companies need to watch their backsInfoSec News12 Apr 2012
[ISN] Samba security patch fixes critical remote code execution holeInfoSec News12 Apr 2012
[ISN] Court overturns conviction for theft of Goldman source codeInfoSec News12 Apr 2012
[ISN] Utah's Medicaid Data Breach Worse Than ExpectedInfoSec News12 Apr 2012
[ISN] Boeing stays mum on reports of website attackInfoSec News12 Apr 2012
[ISN] Board Urges Feds to Prevent Medical Device HackingInfoSec News11 Apr 2012
[ISN] US Army: Military finds IT security certification difficultiesInfoSec News11 Apr 2012
[ISN] Interview with Place Hacker: Hacking skyscrapers to exploit physical security holesInfoSec News11 Apr 2012
[ISN] Apple to release Flashback removal software, working to take down botnetInfoSec News11 Apr 2012
[ISN] FICO Hacks Itself to Prevent Cybercriminal AttacksInfoSec News11 Apr 2012
[ISN] State-sponsored cyber spies want your Facebook status, researchers sayInfoSec News10 Apr 2012
[ISN] CBP exposes contractor trade secrets in surveillance projectInfoSec News10 Apr 2012
[ISN] For Commerce unit hit by computer virus, hardship of being unplugged has upsideInfoSec News10 Apr 2012
[ISN] Free tool detects Flashback Mac malware pestilenceInfoSec News10 Apr 2012
[ISN] Feds Want Way to Hack Xboxes and Wiis for EvidenceInfoSec News10 Apr 2012
[ISN] Hackers boss led double life as an English professorInfoSec News09 Apr 2012
[ISN] Tempe man pleads guilty in Sony hacking caseInfoSec News09 Apr 2012
[ISN] A Tale of Two BreachesInfoSec News09 Apr 2012
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2012-14InfoSec News09 Apr 2012
[ISN] Anonymous takes down Home Office website in attack against Government surveillance plansInfoSec News09 Apr 2012
[ISN] Sky News admits hacking emails of 'canoe man'InfoSec News06 Apr 2012
[ISN] Sophos shutters partner portal after hack attackInfoSec News06 Apr 2012
[ISN] State Department CIO: What's Changed Since WikiLeaksInfoSec News06 Apr 2012
[ISN] Researchers Release New Exploits to Hijack Critical InfrastructureInfoSec News06 Apr 2012
[ISN] Global Payments Breach Impact on BanksInfoSec News06 Apr 2012
[ISN] Cybersecurity index aims to penetrate the fog of marketing hypeInfoSec News05 Apr 2012
[ISN] Flashback trojan reportedly controls half a million Macs and countingInfoSec News05 Apr 2012
[ISN] Anonymous hacks hundreds of Web sites in ChinaInfoSec News05 Apr 2012
[ISN] Keys to cyber defense: Internal info sharing, skilled staffInfoSec News05 Apr 2012
[ISN] Singaporeans will rather give up $1.2m than lose computer privacyInfoSec News05 Apr 2012
[ISN] Email cock-up blamed in Check Point domain expiry snafuInfoSec News04 Apr 2012
[ISN] Is Global Payments the Only Breach?InfoSec News04 Apr 2012
[ISN] India scouts for cyber security firms, may ask embassies to helpInfoSec News04 Apr 2012
[ISN] Share cyber data to curb IT crimesInfoSec News04 Apr 2012
[ISN] Computer expert who stole eight million people˘s personal details for an 'intellectual challenge' jailed for two and half yearsInfoSec News04 Apr 2012
[ISN] NZ ATM Attack Losses Hit $1 MillionInfoSec News03 Apr 2012
[ISN] Global Payments says 1.5M cards affected in data theftInfoSec News03 Apr 2012
[ISN] Another blow to Al Qaeda? Terror organisation believed to be the victim of a cyber attack after websites shut downInfoSec News03 Apr 2012
[ISN] Stolen laptop affects 34KInfoSec News03 Apr 2012
[ISN] Switzerland seeks to arrest 3 German tax inspectors for economic espionageInfoSec News03 Apr 2012