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[ISN] China-Based Hackers Target Law FirmsInfoSec News31 Jan 2012
[ISN] DARPA-Funded Hacker's Tiny $50 Spy Computer Hides In Offices, Drops From DronesInfoSec News31 Jan 2012
[ISN] Breaches, like history, repeat themselvesInfoSec News31 Jan 2012
[ISN] Cybersecurity report: All countries lag behind the bad guysInfoSec News31 Jan 2012
[ISN] FDA staffers sue agency over surveillance of personal e-mailInfoSec News31 Jan 2012
[ISN] Hey, RSA Conference: Hands off #BSidesSFInfoSec News30 Jan 2012
[ISN] U.S. Intel Chief: Insider Leaks A Top PriorityInfoSec News30 Jan 2012
[ISN] European Union proposal could foil U.S. hacker probesInfoSec News30 Jan 2012
[ISN] Students busted for hacking computers, changing gradesInfoSec News30 Jan 2012
[ISN] Researchers unearth more Chinese links to defense contractor attacksInfoSec News30 Jan 2012
[ISN] Facebook's Reward for Bug HuntersInfoSec News30 Jan 2012
[ISN] Railroad Association Says Hack Memo Was InaccurateInfoSec News30 Jan 2012
[ISN] DHS disputes memo on purported railway computer breachInfoSec News26 Jan 2012
[ISN] Royal Canadian Navy officer charged with espionageInfoSec News26 Jan 2012
[ISN] DOD to allow Android on classified networksInfoSec News26 Jan 2012
[ISN] Newt Threatens China and Russia With CyberwarInfoSec News26 Jan 2012
[ISN] IT pros say data breach assessment is more valuable than notification, study saysInfoSec News26 Jan 2012
[ISN] Symantec advises users to turn off PCAnywhere in hack aftermathInfoSec News26 Jan 2012
[ISN] 10K Reasons to Worry About Critical InfrastructureInfoSec News25 Jan 2012
[ISN] Linux vendors rush to patch privilege escalation flaw after root exploits emergeInfoSec News25 Jan 2012
[ISN] Navy faces crushing demand for information warfare systemsInfoSec News25 Jan 2012
[ISN] The digital hacktivistInfoSec News25 Jan 2012
Re: [ISN] The digital hacktivistInfoSec News26 Jan 2012
[ISN] Hackers manipulated railway computers, TSA memo saysInfoSec News24 Jan 2012
[ISN] U.S. Government Online Security Website HackedInfoSec News24 Jan 2012
[ISN] Cameras May Open Up the Board Room to HackersInfoSec News24 Jan 2012
[ISN] Google ups ante for Chrome hack at revamped Pwn2OwnInfoSec News24 Jan 2012
[ISN] Is SSL Cert Holder ID Verification A Joke?InfoSec News24 Jan 2012
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2012-03InfoSec News24 Jan 2012
[ISN] Solar flare blasts radiation storm toward EarthInfoSec News24 Jan 2012
[ISN] Hoping to Teach a Lesson, Researchers Release Exploits for Critical Infrastructure SoftwareInfoSec News20 Jan 2012
[ISN] Feds cuff coder accused of US bank source code swipeInfoSec News20 Jan 2012
[ISN] Barclays: 97 percent of data breaches still due to SQL injectionInfoSec News20 Jan 2012
[ISN] Decade-Long Virus Infection DiscoveredInfoSec News20 Jan 2012
[ISN] Anonymous retaliates for Megaupload shutdown, attacks DOJ, othersInfoSec News20 Jan 2012
[ISN] NSA Releases SE Android With Better Sandboxing, Access-Control PoliciesInfoSec News20 Jan 2012
[ISN] Oracle CPU Contains Lowest Number Of Database Fixes EverInfoSec News20 Jan 2012
[ISN] Oracle to issue 78 patches, including 27 for MySQLInfoSec News17 Jan 2012
[ISN] Hackers disrupt Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El AlInfoSec News17 Jan 2012
[ISN] Zappos coughs to HUGE data breachInfoSec News17 Jan 2012
[ISN] The Sea Shepherd's cyberwarInfoSec News17 Jan 2012
[ISN] Managing information security during an innovation voidInfoSec News13 Jan 2012
[ISN] Military Networks ¡Not Defensible,¢ Says General Who Defends ThemInfoSec News13 Jan 2012
[ISN] Get ready to push some paper for cloud movesInfoSec News13 Jan 2012
[ISN] Malicious Software Attacks Security Cards Used by PentagonInfoSec News13 Jan 2012
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2012-02InfoSec News13 Jan 2012
[ISN] NHS fined £375k after stolen patient data flogged on eBayInfoSec News13 Jan 2012
[ISN] Is Your SCADA Vulnerable to a Cyber Attack? Call 1-800-USA-0DAYInfoSec News12 Jan 2012
[ISN] Rare Legal Fight Takes On Credit Card Company Security Standards and FinesInfoSec News12 Jan 2012
[ISN] Stratfor relaunches site; CEO accuses attackers of censorshipInfoSec News12 Jan 2012
Re: [ISN] Stratfor relaunches site; CEO accuses attackers of censorshipInfoSec News13 Jan 2012
[ISN] China Not The U.S.'s Only Cyber-AdversaryInfoSec News12 Jan 2012
[ISN] Hackers post Israeli SCADA loginsInfoSec News12 Jan 2012
[ISN] Feds Refine Cloud Security StandardsInfoSec News12 Jan 2012
[ISN] South Korean soldiers targeted by hackersInfoSec News12 Jan 2012
[ISN] Certified Ethical Hacker Ankit Fadia Hacked by TGHInfoSec News11 Jan 2012
[ISN] Microsoft patches critical Windows drive-by bugInfoSec News11 Jan 2012
[ISN] 12 detained or punished over fabricating massive leak of online personal dataInfoSec News11 Jan 2012
[ISN] How To Prevent An Illicit Data DumpInfoSec News11 Jan 2012
[ISN] Father's attempt at parental control resulted in hacked German police systemInfoSec News11 Jan 2012
[ISN] SEC Push May Yield New Disclosures of Cyber Attacks on CompaniesInfoSec News10 Jan 2012
[ISN] More Patient Data Risks, Lawsuits Predicted In 2012InfoSec News10 Jan 2012
[ISN] Israel Likens Credit Card Breach to Terrorist ActInfoSec News10 Jan 2012
[ISN] Smart meter SSL screw-up exposes punters' TV habitsInfoSec News10 Jan 2012
[ISN] Getting the most out of automated IT security managementInfoSec News10 Jan 2012
[ISN] DISA OKs secure Android mobile system for DODInfoSec News09 Jan 2012
[ISN] "Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results" (LASER 2012) Workshop Call for PapersInfoSec News09 Jan 2012
[ISN] Hackers expose defence and intelligence officials in US and UKInfoSec News09 Jan 2012
[ISN] Credit card hacker denies Israeli blogger unmasked himInfoSec News09 Jan 2012
[ISN] Hacked memo leaked: Apple, Nokia, RIM supply backdoors for gov't intercept?InfoSec News09 Jan 2012
[ISN] Keith Little, 87, president of Navajo Code Talkers groupInfoSec News06 Jan 2012
[ISN] Skype becoming favourite tool for criminals to communicateInfoSec News06 Jan 2012
[ISN] Saudi hacker threatens to expose details of another million credit cardsInfoSec News06 Jan 2012
[ISN] Obama¢s New Defense Plan: Drones, Spec Ops and Cyber WarInfoSec News06 Jan 2012
[ISN] New Denial-Of-Service Attack Cripples Web Servers By Reading SlowlyInfoSec News06 Jan 2012
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2012-01InfoSec News06 Jan 2012
[ISN] Microsoft plans big January Patch TuesdayInfoSec News06 Jan 2012
[ISN] Kevin Mitnick's secret weapon for avoiding jailInfoSec News05 Jan 2012
[ISN] FBI's Beleaguered Sentinel Project Delayed AgainInfoSec News05 Jan 2012
[ISN] ANZ E*Trade outage actually DDoS attackInfoSec News05 Jan 2012
[ISN] Cyber spies try probing U.S. drone plansInfoSec News04 Jan 2012
[ISN] Murder retrial ordered after court records destroyed by virusInfoSec News04 Jan 2012
[ISN] Saudi hackers claim 400,000 Israeli scalpsInfoSec News04 Jan 2012
[ISN] Stratfor - Lessons LearnedInfoSec News04 Jan 2012
[ISN] Govt working on defensive cyberweapon / Virus can trace, disable sources of cyber-attacksInfoSec News04 Jan 2012
Re: [ISN] Govt working on defensive cyberweapon / Virus can trace, disable sources of cyber-attacksInfoSec News05 Jan 2012
[ISN] Why India NEEDS to tackle cyber terrorismInfoSec News02 Jan 2012
[ISN] VP Binay's website hacked on New Year's DayInfoSec News02 Jan 2012
[ISN] Hackers may have accessed Gordon Brown's emailsInfoSec News02 Jan 2012
[ISN] Risk professionals in high demand in UAE banksInfoSec News02 Jan 2012
[ISN] Stratfor hackers publish email, password dataInfoSec News02 Jan 2012