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[ISN] Moderator's note: We're changing hosts!InfoSec News31 May 2011
[ISN] Lockheed Martin investigates possible link between cyber attack and RSA data breachInfoSec News31 May 2011
[ISN] Honda security breach exposes 283,000 customersInfoSec News31 May 2011
[ISN] Survey: Breaches Cost Some Healthcare Organizations $100K Per DayInfoSec News31 May 2011
[ISN] 35 Million Google Profiles Captured In DatabaseInfoSec News31 May 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, May 22, 2011InfoSec News31 May 2011
[ISN] CALL FOR POSTERS - 4th Summer School on Network and Information Security (NIS'11)InfoSec News31 May 2011
[ISN] Lockheed Martin Bets Big on Quantum ComputingInfoSec News31 May 2011
[ISN] InsecureID: No more secrets?InfoSec News27 May 2011
[ISN] Manal al-Sharif Imprisoned For 10 More Days For Driving in Saudi ArabiaInfoSec News27 May 2011
[ISN] Experts: Pressure SCADA developers on security as you would software vendorsInfoSec News27 May 2011
[ISN] Senior Defense Official Caught Hedging on U.S. Involvement in StuxnetInfoSec News27 May 2011
[ISN] China confirms deployment of online armyInfoSec News27 May 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-21InfoSec News27 May 2011
[ISN] PSN Hack Dings Sony’s Bottom LineInfoSec News27 May 2011
[ISN] BofA Breach: 'A Big, Scary Story'InfoSec News26 May 2011
[ISN] DHS plans expansion of cybersecurity workforceInfoSec News26 May 2011
[ISN] Military set to lead on US domestic cyber-securityInfoSec News26 May 2011
[ISN] Apple iPhone encryption cracked by Russian firmInfoSec News26 May 2011
[ISN] Sony Begins Providing ID Theft Protection for PlayStation HackInfoSec News26 May 2011
[ISN] New hack on Comodo reseller exposes private dataInfoSec News25 May 2011
[ISN] Businesses most at risk from Web hackersInfoSec News25 May 2011
[ISN] Dimension Data finds vulnerabilities on Cisco devicesInfoSec News25 May 2011
[ISN] Attackers Step Away From Mainstream, Target Lesser-Known AppsInfoSec News25 May 2011
[ISN] Sony says hacker stole 2,000 records from Canadian siteInfoSec News25 May 2011
[ISN] 4th Summer School on Network and Information Security (NIS'11) - CALL FOR PARTICIPATIONInfoSec News24 May 2011
[ISN] Man Gets Past Willis Tower Security, All the Way Up to 102nd FloorInfoSec News24 May 2011
[ISN] Researcher Challenges Siemens' Public Reaction To New SCADA FlawsInfoSec News24 May 2011
[ISN] Financial services firms to increase IT spending: surveyInfoSec News24 May 2011
[ISN] Tight defense budgets could yield better cybersecurity, information sharingInfoSec News24 May 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, May 15, 2011InfoSec News24 May 2011
[ISN] Seven security incidents in two months - Sony’s nightmare grows (Update)InfoSec News24 May 2011
[ISN] ACM CCS'11: Call for TutorialsInfoSec News23 May 2011
[ISN] ORNL may add security roleInfoSec News23 May 2011
[ISN] Video Captures Bradley Manning With Hacker Pals at Time of First LeaksInfoSec News23 May 2011
[ISN] Small firms learn size doesn't matter to hackersInfoSec News23 May 2011
[ISN] Michaels Breach: Who's Liable?InfoSec News23 May 2011
[ISN] [SecArt-11] IJCAI Workshop on Intelligent Security: Call For ParticipationInfoSec News20 May 2011
[ISN] Data breach affects about 4,000 SEC workersInfoSec News20 May 2011
[ISN] Google Silently Patches Android Authentication FlawInfoSec News20 May 2011
[ISN] City tightens computer securityInfoSec News20 May 2011
[ISN] Russia expels Israeli military attache for 'industrial espionage'InfoSec News20 May 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-20InfoSec News20 May 2011
[ISN] NK has 30,000 electronic warfare specialists: Fox NewsInfoSec News20 May 2011
[ISN] Military fends off major cyber attackInfoSec News20 May 2011
[ISN] Registration for USENIX Security '11 and the Co-located Workshops Is Now OpenInfoSec News19 May 2011
[ISN] SCADA hack talk canceled after U.S., Siemens requestInfoSec News19 May 2011
[ISN] Top Cybersecurity Official ResignsInfoSec News19 May 2011
[ISN] Survey: Database Administrators, IT Security Still Not On The Same PageInfoSec News19 May 2011
[ISN] Iran accused of hacking nuke inspectors' phones, PCsInfoSec News19 May 2011
[ISN] Mossad carries out daring London raid on Syrian officialInfoSec News19 May 2011
[ISN] OIG raps HHS agencies for lax PHI securityInfoSec News19 May 2011
[ISN] Ruxcon 2011 Call For PapersInfoSec News18 May 2011
[ISN] Qld cops denounce 'ethical hacking'InfoSec News18 May 2011
[ISN] Researcher hacks Facebook to expose rival's private photographsInfoSec News18 May 2011
[ISN] Regulator plans to discipline Hyundai Capital over hackingInfoSec News18 May 2011
[ISN] It's the human threat, stupidInfoSec News18 May 2011
[ISN] Some sites struggle to stay up due to Heroku attackInfoSec News18 May 2011
[ISN] Hack attacks on US could spark military actionInfoSec News18 May 2011
[ISN] ISI Major hacked army officer's mailInfoSec News17 May 2011
[ISN] Zeus Sourcecode Leak Opens Up New Crimeware Markets: ResearchersInfoSec News17 May 2011
[ISN] Cyber attackers try Treasury hack at least once a dayInfoSec News17 May 2011
[ISN] White House Sets Global Cybersecurity StrategyInfoSec News17 May 2011
[ISN] How security chief's bank details leakedInfoSec News17 May 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, May 8, 2011InfoSec News17 May 2011
[ISN] Teens sentenced for vicious attack on UK hosting firmInfoSec News17 May 2011
[ISN] David Millar reacts angrily to UCI's secret Tour de France doping investigation leaked by L'EquipeInfoSec News16 May 2011
[ISN] Internet attack files sent to RCMPInfoSec News16 May 2011
[ISN] Michaels Breach: Patterns Showed FraudInfoSec News16 May 2011
[ISN] Sony resuming PlayStation Network, Qriocity servicesInfoSec News16 May 2011
[ISN] Android Malware Volume Jumps 400%InfoSec News16 May 2011
[ISN] Square Enix customer data leaked after Sony problemsInfoSec News16 May 2011
[ISN] Dropbox Lied to Users About Data Security, Complaint to FTC AllegesInfoSec News16 May 2011
[ISN] Security expert says casino databases tempting target for cyberterrorismInfoSec News13 May 2011
[ISN] Social Networking Here To Stay Despite Security RisksInfoSec News13 May 2011
[ISN] FBI fights to protect ISPs that snoop on their customersInfoSec News13 May 2011
[ISN] Michaels Breach Bigger than ReportedInfoSec News13 May 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-19InfoSec News13 May 2011
[ISN] Sienna Miller should be forced to accept damages offer, says News InternationalInfoSec News13 May 2011
[ISN] Salt Lake FBI office has serious lapses that could jeopardize national security, sources sayInfoSec News12 May 2011
[ISN] US CERT warns of critical industrial control bugInfoSec News12 May 2011
[ISN] SEC Is Pressed on Firms' Disclosures of CyberattacksInfoSec News12 May 2011
[ISN] Cyberwarfare rules included in Defense billInfoSec News12 May 2011
[ISN] England 2018 chiefs hired undercover agents to spy on bid rivalsInfoSec News12 May 2011
[ISN] Microsoft downplays Server bug threat, say researchersInfoSec News11 May 2011
[ISN] 2012 NDSS: Three Amazing Speakers (David Brin - New York Times Bestselling Author, Eric Grosse - Google, Stephen Schmidt - Amazon)InfoSec News11 May 2011
[ISN] Cyberwarfare May Be A Bust For Many Defense ContractorsInfoSec News11 May 2011
[ISN] N.K. denies responsibility for S. Korean bank hackingInfoSec News11 May 2011
[ISN] Most companies skimp on third-party code checks, study findsInfoSec News11 May 2011
[ISN] 'Thor' sentenced for hacking ATMs using Obama as aliasInfoSec News10 May 2011
[ISN] Canada new breeding ground for cyber crimeInfoSec News10 May 2011
[ISN] NASA, Stanford sites hit by search engine scammersInfoSec News10 May 2011
[ISN] Self-Encrypting Hard Drives Face Perception ChallengeInfoSec News10 May 2011
[ISN] Network That Supports Anonymous Hacker Group Is CompromisedInfoSec News10 May 2011
[ISN] Local Michaels shoppers hit in debit card fraudInfoSec News10 May 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, May 1, 2011InfoSec News10 May 2011
[ISN] OpenID warns of 'psychic paper' authentication attackInfoSec News10 May 2011
[ISN] Unpatched DLL bugs let hackers exploit Windows 7 and IE9, says researcherInfoSec News09 May 2011
[ISN] A Look at Mirim College, Hotbed of Cyber WarfareInfoSec News09 May 2011
[ISN] Sony Networks Lacked Firewall, Ran Obsolete Software: TestimonyInfoSec News09 May 2011
[ISN] Sophos gets on UTM bandwagon with Astaro acquisitionInfoSec News09 May 2011
[ISN] Congress Bans Scientific Collaboration with China, Cites High Espionage RisksInfoSec News09 May 2011
[ISN] t2'11: Call for Papers 2011 (Helsinki / Finland)InfoSec News06 May 2011
[ISN] N.Korea's Highly Trained Hacker Brigades Rival CIAInfoSec News06 May 2011
[ISN] Sony Brings In Forensic Experts On Data BreachesInfoSec News06 May 2011
[ISN] LastPass alerts users about potential master password breachInfoSec News06 May 2011
[ISN] Shin Bet: Critical infrastructure targeted by cyber-warfareInfoSec News06 May 2011
[ISN] Announcement - DeepSec 2011 - Call for PapersInfoSec News04 May 2011
[ISN] FBI warns that fake bin Laden video is a virusInfoSec News04 May 2011
[ISN] FBI Defends Cyber Investigation CapabilitiesInfoSec News04 May 2011
[ISN] How Credit Card Data Is Stolen and SoldInfoSec News04 May 2011
[ISN] City's computer disposal might pose data-theft risksInfoSec News04 May 2011
[ISN] Evidence Points to N.Korea in Hacker Attack on BankInfoSec News04 May 2011
[ISN] Osama bin Laden raid yields trove of computer dataInfoSec News03 May 2011
[ISN] Hacker pwns police cruiser and lives to tell taleInfoSec News03 May 2011
[ISN] Macs users targeted by do-it-yourself crimeware kitInfoSec News03 May 2011
[ISN] Sony Hacked Again; 25 Million Entertainment Users' Info at RiskInfoSec News03 May 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, April 24, 2011InfoSec News03 May 2011
[ISN] US-CERT Current Activity - Osama Bin Laden's Death Email Scams, Fake Antivirus, and Phishing Attack WarningInfoSec News03 May 2011
[ISN] [ACM CCS'11]: Pre-Conference and Post-Conference WorkshopsInfoSec News02 May 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-17InfoSec News02 May 2011
[ISN] Slow news night...InfoSec News02 May 2011