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[ISN] HealthSec '11 Submission Deadline ApproachingInfoSec News31 Mar 2011
[ISN] Thief Gets Away with Eisenhower Medical Center ComputerInfoSec News31 Mar 2011
[ISN] Hackers breach bank's online systemInfoSec News31 Mar 2011
[ISN] Comodo hacker claims another certificate authorityInfoSec News31 Mar 2011
[ISN] Industry chain behind hacker attacks on government websitesInfoSec News31 Mar 2011
[ISN] NSA to Investigate Nasdaq HackInfoSec News31 Mar 2011
[ISN] Bank of America Denies BreachInfoSec News31 Mar 2011
[ISN] ASIO plugs national security gapInfoSec News30 Mar 2011
[ISN] BP employee loses laptop containing data on 13, 000 oil spill claimantsInfoSec News30 Mar 2011
[ISN] SecurID Breach Warning Signs In The Audit LogsInfoSec News30 Mar 2011
[ISN] Report: NASA Vulnerable To Crippling Cyber AttacksInfoSec News30 Mar 2011
[ISN] Researchers point out holes in McAfee's Web siteInfoSec News29 Mar 2011
[ISN] MySQL Web site falls victim to SQL injection attackInfoSec News29 Mar 2011
[ISN] Oz parliamentary network breachedInfoSec News29 Mar 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, March 20, 2011InfoSec News29 Mar 2011
[ISN] McAfee: Hackers Want the Info for Your Company's SoulInfoSec News29 Mar 2011
[ISN] (Slightly Off-Topic) The Greatest Pre-Launch Start-Up Pitch Ever?InfoSec News28 Mar 2011
[ISN] Medical identity theft a rising and significant threatInfoSec News28 Mar 2011
[ISN] Computer files lost at MaryvilleInfoSec News28 Mar 2011
[ISN] Russian Security Team to Upgrade SCADA Exploit ToolInfoSec News28 Mar 2011
[ISN] Bank Of America Accounts HackedInfoSec News28 Mar 2011
[ISN] Solo Iranian hacker takes credit for Comodo certificate attackInfoSec News28 Mar 2011
[ISN] Saskatchewan privacy commissioner dumpster dives to recover medical filesInfoSec News28 Mar 2011
[ISN] Social Engineering 'Capture The Flag' Contest Returns To DefConInfoSec News25 Mar 2011
[ISN] Expedia's TripAdvisor Member Data Stolen in Possible SQL Injection AttackInfoSec News25 Mar 2011
[ISN] Gmail, Hotmail Pose Government Security RiskInfoSec News25 Mar 2011
[ISN] Congressman Probing HBGary Scandal Fears ‘Domestic Surveillance’InfoSec News25 Mar 2011
[ISN] European Commission hit by cyberattackInfoSec News25 Mar 2011
[ISN] [SecArt-11] 3rd Workshop on Intelligent Security - Deadline Approaching (April 4, 2011)InfoSec News24 Mar 2011
[ISN] Firm points finger at Iran for SSL certificate theftInfoSec News24 Mar 2011
[ISN] ZeuS cybercrime cookbook on sale in underground forumsInfoSec News24 Mar 2011
[ISN] Teenage hackers shut down a PHP cloud hosting firmInfoSec News24 Mar 2011
[ISN] Federal Cyber Attacks Rose 39% In 2010InfoSec News24 Mar 2011
[ISN] Tech Insight: HTTPS Is EvilInfoSec News24 Mar 2011
[ISN] 7 communication mistakes CSOs still makeInfoSec News24 Mar 2011
[ISN] USENIX LEET '11 in Two WeeksInfoSec News23 Mar 2011
[ISN] RSA hack -- a lesson in how not to handle a PR disaster!InfoSec News23 Mar 2011
[ISN] Facebook traffic mysteriously passes through Chinese ISPInfoSec News23 Mar 2011
[ISN] SecurID Customers Advised To Prepare For Worst CaseInfoSec News23 Mar 2011
[ISN] Nasdaq Hasn't Lost Any Clients Because Of Hacking - ExecutiveInfoSec News23 Mar 2011
[ISN] New Workshop: USENIX FOCI '11 Call for Papers Now AvailableInfoSec News22 Mar 2011
[ISN] Man charged with hiring pump-and-dump spam botnetInfoSec News22 Mar 2011
[ISN] Dozens of exploits released for popular SCADA programsInfoSec News22 Mar 2011
[ISN] Leader of Hacker Gang Sentenced to 9 Years For Hospital MalwareInfoSec News22 Mar 2011
[ISN] S. Korea to tighten security of gov't computer networks against DDoS attackInfoSec News22 Mar 2011
[ISN] Why DHS, Not White House, Took Lead on RSA Breach ResponseInfoSec News22 Mar 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, March 13, 2011InfoSec News22 Mar 2011
[ISN] Natalie Portman joins list of compromised celebsInfoSec News22 Mar 2011
[ISN] HBGary's Hoglund identifies lessons in Anonymous hackInfoSec News18 Mar 2011
[ISN] RSA warns SecurID customers after company is hackedInfoSec News18 Mar 2011
[ISN] GAO Says IRS Data Security Problems PersistInfoSec News18 Mar 2011
[ISN] Vanessa Hudgens in talks with police over nude photo leak as FBI close in on celebrity hacker ringInfoSec News18 Mar 2011
[ISN] Congress Asks to Review DoD and NSA Contracts With HBGaryInfoSec News18 Mar 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-11InfoSec News18 Mar 2011
[ISN] Microsoft, Feds Pull Plug on Spam NetworkInfoSec News18 Mar 2011
[ISN] CarolinaCon-7 - Apr 29th thru May 1st 2011 - Raleigh NCInfoSec News17 Mar 2011
[ISN] Is This The Girl That Hacked HBGary?InfoSec News17 Mar 2011
[ISN] Hospitality Industry On Mission To Curb CyberattacksInfoSec News17 Mar 2011
[ISN] Security Experts: 'A Wake-up Call for the Rest of the World'InfoSec News17 Mar 2011
[ISN] RIM urges BlackBerry users to turn off JavaScriptInfoSec News17 Mar 2011
[ISN] Health Net discloses loss of data to 1.9 million customersInfoSec News16 Mar 2011
[ISN] Web attackers deface gov't sites, steal from financialsInfoSec News16 Mar 2011
[ISN] Ottawa urged to fight power-grid hackersInfoSec News16 Mar 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, March 6, 2011InfoSec News16 Mar 2011
[ISN] What Auditors Are Saying About Compliance And EncryptionInfoSec News16 Mar 2011
[ISN] Murdoch reporter 'hired computer hacker'InfoSec News14 Mar 2011
[ISN] Industry association aims to bolster SCADA securityInfoSec News14 Mar 2011
[ISN] Backup Files Put Database Information At RiskInfoSec News14 Mar 2011
[ISN] Politically motivated exploits target activists on GoogleInfoSec News14 Mar 2011
[ISN] Red Flag cyber operations: Part II - Cyber operators stand against red team 'aggressors'InfoSec News14 Mar 2011
[ISN] Techies Get to Work at Hacker DojoInfoSec News11 Mar 2011
[ISN] Stolen laptop creates concern for OrthoMontana patientsInfoSec News11 Mar 2011
[ISN] iPhone, BlackBerry tumble to Pwn2Own hackersInfoSec News11 Mar 2011
[ISN] Electronic Health Records Raise Security RisksInfoSec News11 Mar 2011
[ISN] New Jersey Nearly Sold Secret DataInfoSec News11 Mar 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-10InfoSec News11 Mar 2011
[ISN] Man allegedly hacked boss's e-mail after firingInfoSec News11 Mar 2011
[ISN] RECON 2011 CFPInfoSec News10 Mar 2011
[ISN] New cyber espionage unit revealedInfoSec News10 Mar 2011
[ISN] Penn Mutual Says Employee Might Have Disclosed Customer DataInfoSec News10 Mar 2011
[ISN] Safari, IE hacked first at Pwn2OwnInfoSec News10 Mar 2011
[ISN] Data Breach Affects 2,777 Henry Ford Health System PatientsInfoSec News10 Mar 2011
[ISN] U.S. agents charge ex-employee of N.J. technology company with giving China sensitive military dataInfoSec News10 Mar 2011
[ISN] 35,000 Chinese websites hacked in 2010InfoSec News10 Mar 2011
[ISN] [HITB-Announce] HITB Magazine Call for ArticlesInfoSec News09 Mar 2011
[ISN] How N.Korean Hackers Could Inflict Maximum DamageInfoSec News09 Mar 2011
[ISN] Anonymous probed for hack threat against WikiLeaker captorsInfoSec News09 Mar 2011
[ISN] Why Pwn2Own doesn't target LinuxInfoSec News09 Mar 2011
[ISN] Malware Attacks Decline In SCADA, Industrial Control Systems, Report SaysInfoSec News09 Mar 2011
[ISN] Hacking of DuPont, J&J, GE Were Undisclosed Google-Type AttacksInfoSec News09 Mar 2011
[ISN] Naval Academy adds cybersecurity coursesInfoSec News09 Mar 2011
[ISN] LEET '11 Program Now AvailableInfoSec News08 Mar 2011
[ISN] The new cyber arms raceInfoSec News08 Mar 2011
[ISN] Postman named Britain's cyber security championInfoSec News08 Mar 2011
[ISN] Zombie computers in DDoS attack begin to destroy own hard drivesInfoSec News08 Mar 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, February 27, 2011InfoSec News08 Mar 2011
[ISN] Christchurch earthquake will send firms into the cloudInfoSec News08 Mar 2011
[ISN] Facebook Chief Security Officer to Keynote 2nd Annual HITB Security Conference in EuropeInfoSec News04 Mar 2011
[ISN] Libicki: Stuxnet isn't all it's cracked up to be -- but then neither is cyberwar, reallyInfoSec News04 Mar 2011
[ISN] S. Korea's major web sites hit by DDoS attacksInfoSec News04 Mar 2011
[ISN] Sailor charged with attempted espionage is held in NorfolkInfoSec News04 Mar 2011
[ISN] LayerOne 2011: Call for PapersInfoSec News02 Mar 2011
[ISN] Vodafone reviews security systems after burglary causes network outageInfoSec News02 Mar 2011
[ISN] Self-erasing flash drives destroy court evidenceInfoSec News02 Mar 2011
[ISN] Computer hackers a top concern for Homeland SecurityInfoSec News02 Mar 2011
[ISN] Anonymous Member Says Palantir Not Off the HookInfoSec News02 Mar 2011
[ISN] WOOT '11 Call For Papers Now AvailableInfoSec News01 Mar 2011
[ISN] Morgan Stanley hit by same attackers that breached GoogleInfoSec News01 Mar 2011
[ISN] Three-time Pwn2Own winner knocks hacking contest rulesInfoSec News01 Mar 2011
[ISN] Newly Discovered Mac OS X, Android Trojans Reflect Cybercriminals' Expanding TargetsInfoSec News01 Mar 2011
[ISN] HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr Quits Due to Anonymous AttackInfoSec News01 Mar 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, February 20, 2011InfoSec News01 Mar 2011
[ISN] Death by BlackBerry crisis avertedInfoSec News01 Mar 2011