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[ISN] [HITB-Announce] Reminder: HITB2011AMS - Call for Papers closes on the 18th of FebInfoSec News31 Jan 2011
[ISN] LinkedIn IPO filing reveals poor disaster recovery set-upInfoSec News31 Jan 2011
[ISN] Gardai probe theft of laptops from Revenue fraud squadInfoSec News31 Jan 2011
[ISN] ShmooCon 2011: Your Android's dirty little secretInfoSec News31 Jan 2011
[ISN] Hackers steal Co-op patrons' personal informationInfoSec News31 Jan 2011
[ISN] Hackers break US government smart card securityInfoSec News28 Jan 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-04InfoSec News28 Jan 2011
[ISN] How Egypt shut down the internetInfoSec News28 Jan 2011
[ISN] Hackers didn't retrieve data in Defense pharmacy website attackInfoSec News27 Jan 2011
[ISN] US cyberwar firing range to demo by JulyInfoSec News27 Jan 2011
[ISN] Phone hacking: the next turn of the screwInfoSec News27 Jan 2011
[ISN] Proposed Nonprofit Would Bridge Law Enforcement, Enterprise Security WorldsInfoSec News27 Jan 2011
[ISN] Site of AT&T-iPad hackers is hackedInfoSec News27 Jan 2011
[ISN] Bruyere health centre reports data breachInfoSec News27 Jan 2011
[ISN] Microsoft Windows guru turns to cybercrime (fiction)InfoSec News25 Jan 2011
[ISN] Hackers Get Access to New Jersey School Data SystemInfoSec News25 Jan 2011
[ISN] White House doesn't shine in cybersecurity gradingInfoSec News25 Jan 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, January 16, 2011InfoSec News25 Jan 2011
[ISN] Active 'Darkness' DDoS Botnet's Tool Now Available For FreeInfoSec News25 Jan 2011
[ISN] Got $500? You can buy a hacked U.S. military websiteInfoSec News24 Jan 2011
[ISN] Iranian Police Sets Up Cyber ForceInfoSec News24 Jan 2011
[ISN] Is retaliation the answer to cyber attacks?InfoSec News24 Jan 2011
Re: [ISN] Is retaliation the answer to cyber attacks?InfoSec News25 Jan 2011
Re: [ISN] Is retaliation the answer to cyber attacks?InfoSec News27 Jan 2011
[ISN] Phone-hacking scandal: Scotland Yard accused over investigationsInfoSec News24 Jan 2011
[ISN] Apple taps Navy techie for global security headInfoSec News24 Jan 2011
[ISN] Moderators note: Hire Me! and more...InfoSec News21 Jan 2011
[ISN] Mysterious "Spy" Computer In Parliament Works Differently Than Being Reported, Tech Expert SaysInfoSec News21 Jan 2011
[ISN] London 2012 Olympics faces increased cyber attack threatInfoSec News21 Jan 2011
[ISN] THOTCON 0x2 Confirmed Speakers, and Tickets On Sale NOW!!!InfoSec News21 Jan 2011
[ISN] Cyber criminals abandon 'dogs' for new, sophisticated attack methodsInfoSec News21 Jan 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-03InfoSec News21 Jan 2011
[ISN] Soundminer Android Malware Listens, Then Steals, Phone DataInfoSec News21 Jan 2011
[ISN] Lame Stuxnet worm 'full of errors', says security consultantInfoSec News20 Jan 2011
[ISN] EU Carbon Trading Declines as Regulator Halts Spot Market on Hacking ProbeInfoSec News20 Jan 2011
[ISN] Casino Gambler Databases Becoming A Key Tool For HackersInfoSec News20 Jan 2011
[ISN] Oracle patching fewer database flaws as it adds more productsInfoSec News20 Jan 2011
[ISN] Two Arrested For AT&T iPad Network BreachInfoSec News20 Jan 2011
[ISN] Smartphone Hack Highlights More GSM WoesInfoSec News20 Jan 2011
[ISN] N. Korea hackers attack defector website: reportInfoSec News20 Jan 2011
[ISN] Julius Baer Whistleblower To Expose 2, 000 High Net Worth Tax Evaders To The WorldInfoSec News18 Jan 2011
[ISN] White House Tour Cybersecurity: Send In Your SSN - Via Unencrypted, Unprotected Email!InfoSec News18 Jan 2011
[ISN] UK cyber challenge aims to fill IT talent shortageInfoSec News18 Jan 2011
[ISN] [Infowarrior] - Results: "Rename The DMZ!" ContestInfoSec News18 Jan 2011
[ISN] BlackBerry announces answer to India security fearInfoSec News18 Jan 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, January 9, 2011InfoSec News18 Jan 2011
[ISN] Report: ZDNet's Danchev Hospitalized?InfoSec News18 Jan 2011
[ISN] Iran's nuclear program and a new era of cyber warInfoSec News17 Jan 2011
[ISN] Oracle plans to release 66 patches on TuesdayInfoSec News17 Jan 2011
[ISN] Hackers will not be deterred by UK cyber defences, report warnsInfoSec News17 Jan 2011
[ISN] We need help with the strange disappearance of Dancho DanchevInfoSec News17 Jan 2011
[ISN] Call for Papers: RAID'11InfoSec News14 Jan 2011
[ISN] Scandinavian gamers hack NH medical center to play Call of Duty; compromise records of 230,000InfoSec News14 Jan 2011
[ISN] Kadlec computer servers hackedInfoSec News14 Jan 2011
[ISN] Computer Stolen In Oklahoma City Contains Research To Cure Prostate CancerInfoSec News14 Jan 2011
Re: [ISN] Computer Stolen In Oklahoma City Contains Research To Cure Prostate CancerInfoSec News17 Jan 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-02InfoSec News14 Jan 2011
[ISN] Watchdogs sniff out 6 critical cybersecurity challenges facing the electrical gridInfoSec News14 Jan 2011
[ISN] Stuxnet-Like Trojans Can Exploit Critical Flaw in Chinese Industrial SoftwareInfoSec News13 Jan 2011
[ISN] 3 UMC workers fired for records accessInfoSec News13 Jan 2011
[ISN] USENIX LEET '11 Submission Deadline ApproachingInfoSec News13 Jan 2011
[ISN] Spectrum analyzer catches exam cheats in TaiwanInfoSec News13 Jan 2011
[ISN] After Bellagio heist, how slack security can cost Las Vegas casinosInfoSec News12 Jan 2011
[ISN] Springs man sent to prison for hacking into TSA computerInfoSec News12 Jan 2011
[ISN] Exploits Target SAP ApplicationsInfoSec News12 Jan 2011
[ISN] Hacker Code Lingered on Home Depot WebsiteInfoSec News12 Jan 2011
[ISN] Malware on Laptop Caused Security Breach at PenFedInfoSec News12 Jan 2011
[ISN] UTSA receives $1.25M from National Science Foundation to support cyber security studentsInfoSec News12 Jan 2011
[ISN] Microsoft patches critical Windows drive-by bugInfoSec News12 Jan 2011
[ISN] DISA creates DMZ to boost security on unclassified networkInfoSec News11 Jan 2011
Re: [ISN] DISA creates DMZ to boost security on unclassified networkInfoSec News12 Jan 2011
[ISN] IBM DeveloperWorks site hacked and defacedInfoSec News11 Jan 2011
[ISN] Hackers steal data of 2, 000 people in attack on Fine Gael websiteInfoSec News11 Jan 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, January 2, 2011InfoSec News11 Jan 2011
[ISN] Security lapses at Stats CanInfoSec News11 Jan 2011
[ISN] Crime ring instigates cyber attack against rival websitesInfoSec News10 Jan 2011
[ISN] IT used in majority of crimes committedInfoSec News10 Jan 2011
[ISN] Vodafone says security breach a 'one-off'InfoSec News10 Jan 2011
[ISN] China's $90bn ups cyberwar stakesInfoSec News10 Jan 2011
[ISN] France probes China link in Renault spying caseInfoSec News10 Jan 2011
[ISN] Obama to hand Commerce Dept. authority over cybersecurity IDInfoSec News10 Jan 2011
[ISN] Celebrities prepare legal cases against Met over phone-hackingInfoSec News10 Jan 2011
[ISN] Utah's $1.5 billion cyber-security center under wayInfoSec News07 Jan 2011
[ISN] Bad job switches and hard feelingsInfoSec News07 Jan 2011
[ISN] Hackers find new way to cheat on Wall Street -- to everyone's perilInfoSec News07 Jan 2011
[ISN] Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2011-01InfoSec News07 Jan 2011
[ISN] Police Publish Images of Two Sought in Codebreaker’s DeathInfoSec News07 Jan 2011
[ISN] Body of murdered cyberwar expert found in landfillInfoSec News06 Jan 2011
[ISN] Dubai Assassination Followed Failed Attempt by Same TeamInfoSec News06 Jan 2011
[ISN] What it's like to make the wrong job switchInfoSec News06 Jan 2011
[ISN] Alleged Miley Cyrus hacker arrestedInfoSec News06 Jan 2011
[ISN] Sourcefire Buys Cloud Security FirmInfoSec News06 Jan 2011
[ISN] Military hushed up loss of confidential file: sourcesInfoSec News04 Jan 2011
[ISN] 58 Banking Breaches in 2010InfoSec News04 Jan 2011
[ISN] U.S. DHS goes after Vietnamese hackers, identity thievesInfoSec News04 Jan 2011
[ISN] [Dataloss Weekly Summary] Week of Sunday, December 26, 2010InfoSec News04 Jan 2011
[ISN] Accidental Leak Reveals Chinese Hackers Have IE Zero DayInfoSec News04 Jan 2011
[ISN] Ankit Fadia / Manu Zacharia - "Network Intrusion Alert" Heavily PlagiarizedInfoSec News03 Jan 2011
[ISN] Facing WikiLeaks Threat, Bank Plays DefenseInfoSec News03 Jan 2011
[ISN] Honda US cops to vast data snaffle from marketing firmInfoSec News03 Jan 2011
[ISN] Ankit Fadia - "Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking" 32% PlagiarizedInfoSec News01 Jan 2011