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[ISN] Larry Ellison Hammers On Security

From: InfoSec News <alerts_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Sep 22 2010 - 08:03:41 GMT

By Bob Evans
Global CIO Blog
Sept 21, 2010

Introducing Oracle's new Exalogic Elastic Cloud machine, Larry Ellison
opened his remarks by saying that cloud computing has many definitions,
and he cited and as examples of profoundly
different cloud approaches. And then he unloaded on for
"commingling" customers' data and offering "a very weak security model."

"Maybe the two most well-known examples of cloud computing represent
opposite ends of the spectrum," Ellison said in underscoring his
contention that cloud computing means many different things to many
different people. "On the one hand you have, a very
successful application on the Internet, and a lot of people call that
cloud computing—you access the application on the web, it's 10 years
old, and it's SaaS technology, and some people say that's cloud

As a counterpoint, Ellison then described's EC2 as a
hardware/software platform for building and running applications and
using Linux, Java, Oracle database, MySQL, and other prominent
technologies in a highly virtualized environment that can run a wide
variety of applications.

"The technology is virtualized so each customer has its own separate,
secure, and virtual environment with fault isolation, so most systems
failures affect only one customer," Ellison said as even I began to see
which way he was tilting.


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