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infosec-news: [ISN] Report: Stuxnet Hit 5 Gateway Targets on Its

[ISN] Report: Stuxnet Hit 5 Gateway Targets on Its Way to Iranian Plant

From: InfoSec News <alerts_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Feb 14 2011 - 09:23:48 GMT

By Kim Zetter
Threat Level
February 11, 2011

Attackers behind the Stuxnet computer worm focused on targeting five
organizations in Iran that they believed would get them to their final
target in that country, according to a new report from security

The five organizations, believed to be the first that were infected with
the worm, were targeted in five separate attacks over a number of months
in 2009 and 2010, before Stuxnet was discovered in June 2010 and
publicly exposed. Stuxnet spread from these organizations into other
organizations on its way to its final target, which is believed to have
been a nuclear enrichment facility or facilities in Iran.

“These five organizations were infected, and from those five computers
Stuxnet spread out — not to just computers in those organizations, but
to other computes as well,” says Liam O Murchu, manager of operations
for Symantec Security Response. “It all started with those five original

The new information comes in an updated report from researchers at
Symantec (.pdf), a computer security firm that has provided some of the
leading analysis of the worm since it was discovered.


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