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infosec-news: [ISN] Re: Judge rebukes 'World's No. 1 Hacker'

[ISN] Re: Judge rebukes 'World's No. 1 Hacker'

From: InfoSec News <alerts_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Feb 03 2011 - 07:51:33 GMT

[A little more on Gregory D. Evans / LIGATT Security as it seems there's
never a dull moment with this saga. It appears Greg Evans' Twitter
account was hacked with this message. 'It's my birthday, so I thought
I'd "air" on the side of transparency: ' - WK]

> By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
> The Register
> 31st January 2011
> [More backround on Gregory D. Evans / LIGATT Security from
> - WK]
> A judge in Georgia has scolded a controversial security figure for
> improperly subpoenaing Yahoo! and Twitter in an attempt to get user
> names and passwords belonging to some 25 researchers.
> Gregory D. Evans, CEO of Ligatt Security and the self-proclaimed
> "World's No. 1 Hacker", sought the the highly personal information in a
> lawsuit he brought last year accusing the researchers of bashing his
> company's penny stock. Over the past year, shares have fallen from about
> $2.80 to $0.0004, public information shows. Most of that precipitous
> drop happened prior to claims that surfaced in June that huge chunks of
> an e-book purportedly written by Evans were lifted from other hacking
> manuals without the original authors' permission.
> The suit named Chris John Riley, Ben Rothke, and other security
> professionals who publicly claimed their works were plagiarized. Shortly
> after it was filed, attorneys for Evans subpoenaed Yahoo! and Twitter
> for information that included the defendants' usernames, passwords,
> emails sent and received, and blog postings. Last week, the judge
> hearing the case squashed the subpoenas and said they violated several
> provisions of Georgia law.


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