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full-disclosure-uk: Re: [Full-disclosure] The war in Palestine

Re: [Full-disclosure] The war in Palestine

From: Avraham Schneider <avri.schneider_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Jan 19 2009 - 06:37:08 GMT
To: j-f sentier <j.sentiar@gmail.com>

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 2:40 AM, j-f sentier <j.sentiar@gmail.com> wrote:

> How come you never sleep ?

I just woke up.

> There's some relay going on, on your propaganda nickname ?

I think the one who is using a propaganda nickname is you 'j-f sentier' - My real name is Avraham Schneider - you can find my profile on Linked In, and I don't hide by a propaganda nickname, something so prevalent here lately...

Anyways :
> >>Hamas is also designated as a terrorist organization by the US state
> department.
> What a nice reference ....

Do you dispute it?

> >>I said Hamas was, and that the Palestinians elected Hamas as governement.
> Hamas resist against your invasion.

How? By firing at _civilians_? Sending suicide bombers to attack _civilians_? And doing everything it possibly can to attack _civilians_?

How do they resist? by hiding behind their own _civilians_? Then claiming victory when Israel pulls out after killing hundreds of them?

>>Thanks for the 'information'.
> I suggest, just in general, that you use a dictionary once in a while...
> I do, and i suggest you to look at the use of this word in the medias or by
> govs, before 9/11/2001.

It is clear you don't.

> >>I didn't say all Palestinians are terrorists
> Oh let me guess:
> see all your familly killed by israeli, and do nothing = good Palestinian
> see all your familly killed by israelis and then kill some israelis with
> old school rockets = bad Palestinian

If Israel really wanted to kill Palestinians in general, it could do it much cheaper and with no Israeli casualties.

Israel pulled out of Gazaa and let the Palestinians have their own govornment, they basically gave them everything they wanted on a silver plate, in return Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups, sent terrorist suicide bombers accross the border - to kill as many Israeli _civilians_ as possible.

Israel is _avoiding civilian casualties_, it is _sorry_ for any _civilians_ wounded or killed during fighting - but this is a _war_, and _civilians die_ - especially since Hamas is using Palestinian civilians as human shields - http://tinyurl.com/6v45l5

Hamas on the other hand, _target civilians_ - Palestinians are _happy_ when Israeli civilians die, the same as they were happy at 9/11 - when 3000 innocent civilians dies in the WTC - spreading candy in the streets.

Sure it's always more funny when you can fire at them when they dont fight
> back.

We don't fire at them - we don't target civilians, we target the militant terrorist organizations that hide among the supporting Palestinian population.
Any civilian who stores weapons in his house should not complain that his house is bombed.
any civilian who has a smuggling tunnel underground, should not complain that his house is bombed.

No other country does what Israel does - i.e. make over 250 thousand phonecalls to warn enemy's civilians to leave an area about to be bombed - during war.

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